How “Smart” Can Your Home Actually Be? Best Smart Home Devices in 2023
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How “Smart” Can Your Home Actually Be? Best Smart Home Devices in 2023

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Reflect on the future of your tech-savvy home with smart mirrors, curtain bots, and rubbish bins that seal the deal.

Gone are the days when a smart home merely meant remotely adjusting the thermostat or dimming the lights with a smartphone app – that’s “basic” stuff these days. Today, some homes are imbued with an extraordinary level of intelligence, driven by innovative devices that blend seamlessly into our daily routines. From waking us up gently with personalized lighting schemes to brewing our favorite coffee before we even step into the kitchen, these devices have truly taken the concept of home automation to new heights.

Join us as we uncover the most groundbreaking devices that blur the lines between technology and comfort. Discover how these devices enhance our daily lives, simplify household management, and imbue our homes with an air of sophistication and intelligence.

Smart Mirrors

Image courtesy of Capstone

You’re no snow white and your mirror might not be a magic one, but technology has made them appear pretty darn close. Imagine a smart mirror connected to your phone, with things like speakers, responsive touch display, and interactive speakers.

You could be getting ready and watching a YouTube video as you do your makeup. Respond to you text messages as you shave. Listen to music whilst brushing your teeth. You get the gist.

Capstone has a bunch of great options you can choose from here.

Curtain Robots

Okay so picture this. It’s late, and you’re tired – you’re laying on the sofa, but the streetlamps outside are glaring into your living room, annoyingly. With smart curtain robots, you no longer have to stand up to close them, but instead can rely on automated machines that can be programmed to close down the curtains at specific times, or even depending on sunlight levels.

Switchbot has some great ones you can check out here.

Smart Rubbish Bins

Image courtesy of Townew

This may not sound exciting, but wait until you hear about this: smart bins can close and seal rubbish bags automatically. No more dirty handling.

Townew’s the creator of this handy gadget. Have a browse here.

Smart Locks

Carrying keys, much like carrying your wallet, might soon become a thing of the past. At this point, the only thing we’re going to need is a phone.

Smart locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes but function relatively similarly. Some are activated through voice and fingerprints, whilst others only require a phone-installed app to grant you (and anyone you might want) access to your own home.

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