Now Is The Time To Get Into Crystals
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Now Is The Time To Get Into Crystals

March 24, 2020 Share

DDW Helps You Delve Into The Powerful World of Stones

No matter where in the world you are, chances are you are spending more of your time (or all of it) at home. This new reality makes us revisit all the things we have been putting off, whether it be home decorating, gaining a new skill, or simply taking time for yourself (check our DDW’s Instagram for our member meditation sessions).

When we look back on this time, the energy we put into improving ourselves and our homes will probably be seen as a huge blessing, a chance to just slow down and refocus. With this in mind, join us in exploring how to harness the natural power of crystals to re-centre and refresh:

Firstly we need to make clear that there is no concrete evidence that stones hold any medicinal properties in themselves. However, crystals have been famously espoused by celebrities all over the world including Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian West, Gisele Bündchen and Bella Hadid as essential companions to healing meditation and breathing exercises.  

Combining crystals with intent and reflection has purportedly shown to elevate mood and channel inner positive energy. If this is true, our current global pandemic could not be a better time to try this. Not only do the stones look great around the house, but they can also serve to be beautiful items to wear and enjoy. 

DDW picks 5 top stones to get you started (from Judy Hall’s The Little Book of Crystals)


Now Is The Time To Get Into Crystals

Neutralise the electromagnetic frequency from your computer and other electronic devices. This gorgeous shiny black stone is the perfect WFH desk companion.

Black Tourmaline

Now Is The Time To Get Into Crystals

A perfect stone for both jewellery and home decor, volcanic-looking Black Tourmaline is known for repelling and blocking negative energies.

Blue Lace Agate

Now Is The Time To Get Into Crystals

A stunning light blue crystal famous for its soothing vibes is recommended for its calming energy.


Now Is The Time To Get Into Crystals

A staple stone of all crystal-gurus, Selenite is said to be used to strengthen memory and cleanse your chakras.


Now Is The Time To Get Into Crystals

Commonly known as ‘fools gold’, this stone can be used to manifest financial prosperity. Throw it in your bag or pocket and carry it with you as a reminder to always build forward during these tough times. 

Pair your crystals with signs from the stars

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