5 Skincare Products to Gift Men This Christmas
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5 Skincare Products to Gift Men This Christmas

November 29, 2022 Share

DDW’s ultimate list of skincare products for men to fill up your Christmas stockings and soothe any incoming wrinkles.

There’s an undeniable stereotype. Women filling up their cabinets with expensive products, pink jars containing some kind of moisturiser which happens to remove all wrinkles in a few hours and piles of face oils and eye serums. Men, on the hand, stick to a small corner of the shelf, void of any type of skincare or grooming product except for a a 2-in-1 shampoo that just does the trick. This could not be further form the truth. With male skincare on an all time high, there has never been a better time to gift yourself, or your man, some skincare galore. Read up.

OM-SE Linen Face Cloth

Image courtesy of OM-SE

For some gentle exfoliation that according to its website can last as long as 20-30 years (yes, shocker), the OM-SE Linen Face Cloth is ideal for those who like to pay attention to detail. What use is a good skincare product if you don’t have matching high-quality cloths to go with it?

Estelle Thild Body Scrub

Image courtesy of Estelle Thild

There’s nothing worse than coarse skin. He may not know he needs it, but a good body scrub is the perfect gift for those that deserve a little extra to pamper themselves. Plus, if it smells as good as this one, there’s no way he won’t like it.

OM-SE’s Balancing 3-Step Skincare Routine Set

Image courtesy of OM-SE

We’ve previously told you about OM-SE and their minimalist approach to skincare, but we simply cannot get enough of it. With this mini set priced at around 146EUR, not only can you avoid a shelf of unnecessary products, but they also come in perfectly aesthetic little tubs, which happen to look great with any kind of bathroom decor you might have going on. Win-win.

BioCalm Probiotic Rebalancing Cream by Estelle Thild

Image courtesy of Estelle and Thild

Self described as “A face cream that rebalances and mainatins skin’s microbiome in its optimal condition with the help of ingredients based on probioitic technology and Noni stem cells.”, this cream is great in reducing pore size and skin imperfections. And it also happens to be vegan.

OM-SE Hydrating Face Mist

Face mists are having a moment in the skincare realm. They’re awesome for hydration, and they happen to be extremely refreshing. In terms of benefits, we’re talking about repairing the skin barrier, balancing the microbiome and smoothing fine lines (amongst a long list of other benefits).

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