OM-SE: The Brand Making Skincare Go Minimalist
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OM-SE: The Brand Making Skincare Go Minimalist

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Forget the lengthy skincare routines and check this out. OM-SE is a brand bringing Scandi minimalism into the skincare realm with a three step skincare routine.

Skincare is having a moment. Practically overnight, every single person became obsessed with finding the perfect skincare regime, swearing by their life-long favourite products and piling about 100 different new ones to an already lengthy skincare routine. It’s become a 5-step or 7-step process, one where more often than not, we don’t really know what it is exactly that we are lathering onto our faces. Cue in OM-SE.

The problem with skincare however is just how difficult it has become. You may need a cleanser for this. A special oil for that. Hydrating masks every two weeks. Gua-shas every other day. It’s a never-ending process of products and routines, overcomplicating something which, ultimately, can be very simple indeed.

Product photography. Image courtesy of OM-SE
Product photography. Image courtesy of OM-SE

Then we have OM-SE. Like every good Scandi brand, OM-SE is a minimalist at heart. Offering simplified skincare that combines 13 products into only 3, the brand believes in plant-based unisex skincare, without all the fuss that we’re used to.

OM-SE is a pandemic baby. It was founded in 2020, by husband and wife, Jenny and Jacob Huurinainen who were struggling with Jenny’s unbalanced skin post-pregnancy. By ditching all the additives that regular store-bought makeup include and using only quality ingredients, Jenny got her skin back up and glowing, and with her newfound minimalist skincare routine, OM-SE was born.

Product photography. Image courtesy of OM-SE
Product photography. Image courtesy of OM-SE

For Hydration

Beautifully packaged, OM-SE offers a singular product that replaces serum, moisturiser and setting spray in the form of a hydrating mist. That’s it, a 3-in-1 deal on skincare that saves up time, space and money for the savvy 21st century skincare guru.

For Cleansing

There’s quite a bit of talk on cleansing these days. From removing make-up to unclogging pores that have been exposed to heavy levels of pollution, there’s no denying our skins need to be washed properly. Again, to you this may look like a complex routine of makeup-removal followed by a gentle foam cleansing. The Scandi brand bets for an oil, which post-cleansing prevents your skin from feeling dry and uncomfortable.

Skincare Kits

Lets tell it straight; three products, 13 different uses. Their skincare kits are clever, smartly “replacing eye-makeup remover, pre-cleans, face wash, toner, essence, hydration serum, lash/brow serum, moisturiser, day cream, night cream, eye cream, beard oil, and setting spray.”

Offering options for normal-to-oily skin or ageing/dry, OM-SE uses 35 natural-plant based ingredients to revolutionise your concept of skincare in these nifty little skincare kits.

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