Why It’s Worth Scheduling a Saudi Arabia Stopover on Your Next Long Haul
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Why It’s Worth Scheduling a Saudi Arabia Stopover on Your Next Long Haul

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Saudi Arabia stopover perks include a hotel night for free and accessible 4 day visas to discover the country. You in?

Saudi Arabia has never been so accesible to international travellers. As a country which only opened its doors to tourists in 2019, having the opportunity to set foot in the Kingdom with a stopover visa, represents significant change. Saudi Arabia now offers a unique 96-hour transit visa – perfect for the many Asia-bound travellers which often transit through the country – for free.

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What is the Saudi stopover visa?

The Saudi stopover visa allows citizens of 49 countries to enter Saudi Arabia for up to 4 days while traveling internationally, if flying with local airlines such as Saudia or Flans. Approved nationalities include the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and all EU member states.

To qualify, you must be transiting between two different countries with a confirmed onward ticket – no staying behind, basically. It permits a single entry and allows you to visit major destinations like Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam, and can be acquired through the booking platforms themselves.

The best part? It’s free.

Why stop over in Saudi Arabia?

With its sweeping desert landscapes, Red Sea coral reefs, ancient tombs, and ultramodern cities, Saudi Arabia offers travelers diverse adventures. Marvel at futuristic skyscrapers, experience traditional Saudi hospitality in ancient markets, gaze at pre-Islamic ruins, and camp under starry skies in the vast desert. Saudi cuisine and culture immerse you in Arabia. The Kingdom provides unparalleled access to Islamic heritage sites, alongside new leisure attractions and natural wonders. For those seeking to understand the Middle East, encounter new vistas, and experience warm Saudi hospitality, this rapidly changing nation provides an ideal destination.

To encourage tourism, the government has prepared different suggested itineraries depending on the length of your stay, which you can browse though here.

An unforgettable journey

In just 4 days, the Saudi stopover visa opens the doors to uncover a nation rapidly emerging as a new global destination. Intrepid travelers can experience Saudi Arabia’s unique blend of history, culture, cuisine, nature and modernity during a convenient journey stopover. Will Saudi Arabia be your next transit trip discovery?

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Saudia’s One Night Hotel Stay… For Free

If the stopover visa wasn’t tantalising enough, perhaps the Saudi Arabian airline Saudia’s offer of one night free stay might. The premise is simple; if you book the stopover visa you are entitled to a 4-star hotel stay, for free, upon showing your boarding pass.

Please ensure you verity all information prior to travel.
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