Aston Martin Drives into the Housing Market with Tokyo Residence
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Aston Martin Drives into the Housing Market with Tokyo Residence

March 16, 2023 Share

Thought Aston Martin was all about cars (and cars only)? Think again. The British car manufacturer ventures into the world of architecture.

Somewhere in Omotesando, Tokyo’s design hub, there’s a four storey architectural gem equipped with all sorts of sumptuous detailing. There’s something mysterious about the property, decorated with sleek furnishings, dark colours and luxurious amenities which are apparent from its exterior; an innovative facade cladding the imposing property. To the trained eye, it’s obvious; this residency’s architecture has been crafted by the same masterminds behind the likes of the Aston Martin Vulcan, or the Aston Martin DB5.

Image courtesy of Aston Martin

The luxury Tokyo residence is not the first time the British car manufacturer venture into the world of bricks. The company first launched their architectural pursuits in Miami and New York, providing a series of luxurious residences which expanded the manufacturer’s sphere of influence. Echoing the same mysterious design language, sleekness and attention to detail as its cars, Aston Martin’s architecture is an elegant representation of the brand’s consistency and clientele understanding.

The House Itself

Aston Martin’s foray into architecture represents a significant expansion of the brand’s portfolio beyond automobiles, allowing the company to apply its principles of luxury, performance, and attention to detail to a new industry. Unsurprisingly, the residence’s automotive gallery, or garage, is one of its most impressive features, where visitors can gaze upon the luxurious cars visible through the expansive glazing of the property.

Image courtesy of Aston Martin

The extravagance of course, doesn’t end there. The luxury property boasts a range of other high-end amenities, such as a wine cellar, home cinema, gym, and private spa, which are all a result of Aston Martin’s partnership with the Japanese concierge leader, VIBROA. The idea is simple; two masterminds of the design world joining forces to craft interiors which reflect the brand’s ambitious use of craft, mystery and minimalism.

Image courtesy of Aston Martin

This project marks the beginning of the company’s wider strategic growth plan in Japan, and with Aston Martin’s expertise at the helm, the future of luxury living in Japan appears brighter than ever before.

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