Sophia Rotas Daemon Concept: Inside the Aesthetic of Yves Tumor
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Sophia Rotas Daemon Concept: Inside the Aesthetic of Yves Tumor

July 20, 2022 Share

Stylist Sophia Rotas and Experimental Musician Yves Tumor have joined forces to create adaptive pieces of jewellery never seen before.

For those unfamiliar, let me introduce you to Yves Tumor. A powerhouse performance-driven musician, experimental in all facets of life. Often described as one of the most unique hottest up-and-coming talents, Tumor has been taking the world by storm in a transcendent fashion. Combining elements of surreal androgynous aesthetics with transgressive genre-defying music. Tumor makes for an unsavory yet intoxicating experience. Radiating positivity and empowerment.  

Yves Tumor
Yves Tumor | Image courtesy of Impatto

 If you haven’t seen any of Yves Tumor’s videos, you’re almost guaranteed gender fluidity through their provocative camp empowered mise-en-scene and new wave cinematography. Live performances on the other hand, are cathartic events where Tumor and the band intrusively dominate sound waves with their psychedelic mystique and turbulent presence.

A truly unique experience. Each member of the band dressed in what can only be described as cult cosplay drapes. The keyboardist dressed as a cowboy, the guitarist like Eddie Van Halen and Tumor in dominatrix-inspired attire. The five-piece makes for a concoction of chaotic and stylistic liberation. 

Image courtesy of Montreal Rocks

Experimental in every facet, Tumor and co know nothing more than setting new standards in the world of artistry. Often compared to the likes of Prince, David Bowie and Avant Garde singer Dean Blunt. Tumor is a rarity. But to even make these comparisons is unjust. Tumor and his counterparts are much more. Not fitting into any bracket or genre, they remain a niche powerhouse. Offering something for all fans of music, all genders and most of all, all sexualities.  

Yves Tumor
Image courtesy of Rock NYC

Non-binary and often remaining enigmatic, Yves Tumor’s make-up, outfits and hair pieces change more regularly than British weather. Those in the music scene often find it difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes Tumor tick. Unlike Prince and Bowie, who after a while became almost predictable in nature, Tumor remains firmly indecisive and effortlessly unpredictable. The version you see ultimately depends on the artists’ mood that day. No thin Duke era, no Ziggy stardust. No personas. Just Yves. 

When on stage or in the public eye, Yves can often be spotted donning some of the most surreal outfits. Often miss-matched pieces inspired from different eras and subcultures, Tumor’s experimental style redefines new wave fashion. Not conforming to gender norms or expectations, Yves vision for fashion effortlessly sets him apart from previous namesakes. 

Yves Tumor
Image courtesy of Crack
Image courtesy of Dazed

Daemon Concept , founded by Hungarian designer Sophia Rotas has been a fashion and jewelry powerhouse for futurist fashionistas. Paving the way for neo-transhumanists and gender fluid-inspired styles, Rotas’ ideas and concepts have been groundbreaking from the get-go. First launched as an ambitious art project, Deamon Concept jewellery and accessories quickly took over the underground scene across mainland Europe.

Most notably it’s underground and illegal rave scene. Some of those fortunate enough to enter places like Berlin’s Berghain and other underground clubs would often see revelers sporting the futuristic accessories, like something out of a Grimes music video. Dystopian yet pleasantly optimistic. This comes as no surprise seeing as Rotas was at one stage, a Music Video stylist. 

Image courtesy of Pitchfork

Over the years Deamon Concept gained a large cult following, recently breaking into the mainstream with Rotas DC jewellery and accessories featuring at this year’s Milan Fashion Week. 

Image courtesy of Yu Fujiwara

Rotas stylist background has allowed her to view fashion and modern trends with a unique 3D vision. Drawing inspiration from futurism and the increasing rebellion against conformity amongst the youth, Rotas pushes for new boundary-defining and empowering yet intriguing ideas that test the laws set before. 

Often experimental and Avant Garde, Rotas and Tumor share a lot in common. Not only through individual politics, but also their perspective on performance, fashion, and society’s preconceptions of gender conformity. Now collaborating as creative counterparts, Rotas and Tumor are pushing for a new technologic approach to high-end jewellery.

Yves Tumor
Image courtesy of Dazed Digital

In recent years, the fashion world has been trying to simultaneously create new trends whilst campaigning for environmental health and other political agendas. Human rights, equality, carbon emissions and climate change to name a few.

Sustainability has also been monumental, with many high-end brands such as Tommy Hilfiger upcycling. With the increasing awareness of our planet’s environmental health, the fashion world has been more adaptive than ever before. 

Rotas and Tumor’s new Deamon Concept Collab is just that. An adaptive, cutting edge and killer idea. Literally. 

Yves Tumor
Image courtesy of Helge Mundut

Something that most young girls face on a daily basis, especially now thanks to the anonymity of the web, is harassment. Sexual harassment, body shaming and violent communication from incels, weirdos and well, people who shouldn’t have internet access.

This abuse and toxic behaviour aren’t just limited to the world wide web. Unfortunately, over time, this behaviour has become normalized across an increasing percentage of males. Girls often fear walking home from clubs at night, and fear being left alone on the dance floor, to be frank, once the sun sets, the fear commences. 

Image courtesy of Glassefactory

“It’s something that is continuously present in our society and not an abstract notion”

Rotas tells Dazed. 

Rotas and Tumor are looking to combat this fear with a new form of jewellery and high-end accessories that double up as futuristic fashion as well as self-defense mechanisms. The new designs are titled Chrysalis. 

“The collaboration with Yves Tumor was just growing on its own, sort of like a seed out of concrete in the side of a skyscraper. Natural beyond nature. And then, it just came out beautifully and started demanding its own life, and here we are”

Rotas says.

Image courtesy of Glassefactory

Imagine an earpiece that can be turned into a knuckle duster. A nose piercing that can be used as a blade. That’s some dystopian Mad Max shit. And we love it. Adaptivity done right. What’s better, is that these products aren’t gender-defined. They’re gender fluid. Because Rotas and Tumor know, females aren’t the only ones who fall victim to these forms of behavior. So do those within the LGBTQIA community. 

“Chrysalis recalls the violence women and especially trans women face every day. It’s something that is continuously present in our society and not an abstract notion. I experienced it, and everyone I know experienced it”

Rotas explains.

The collaborative collection has been in the making for a total of three years. With the wait almost finally over, the duo have created an ambitiously influential piece of fashion that ultimately pushes all limits of creativity. In the near future, one can expect to see Yves Tumor himself, sporting jewellery and accessories in videos, live shows and on a daily basis. 

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