A Gentleman’s Guide to Leather Accessories
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A Gentleman’s Guide to Leather Accessories

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Bags, wallets and key rings; discover how Roderer’s minimalistic leather goods can help dress the modern gentleman.

Not a lot of people know how to invest, accessorise and wear leather goods. In turn, terribly stylish men sport accessories of poor taste, bringing down looks at work meetings and travel outings. With the help of Roderer, a luxury leather good company designed by Olivier Birault and inspired by his time as a Formula 1 executive, DDW has compiled a list of accessories and items for the modern gentleman to invest in and always look their best.

Roderer Leather
Image courtesy of Roderer

Invest in a Quality Leather Briefcase

Whether travelling for work or simply boarding a plane for leisure, having a leather briefcase that keeps essentials well protected is key to transporting your most precious possessions.

Those with a classic flair and a preference for timeless elegance can safely opt for something like the Roderer Black Briefcase, complete with its padded pouch and front pocket to easily access your passport and boarding pass. Those who prioritise comfort might instead prefer a backpack, which contrary to popular belief is not an accessory exclusive to the younger generations.

Carry an Italian Leather Wallet

When it comes to paying the bill at the business meeting, pulling out a rugged wallet does not cause the best of impressions. Roderer offers a variety of leather wallets, from mini card holders, bifold wallets or even zip pouches. There truly is no excuse to post-pone upgrading that handy-dandy accessory you use to pay for your cocktails with.

If You Want Bracelets, Make Sure They are Leather

As fashion and tradition update themselves, we realise that businessmen are not always necessarily and exclusively suited up everywhere they go. Likewise, the modern gentleman often wears bracelets; souvenirs from moments in their life, or places they have visited.

Depending on the bracelet, these can lose quality and become aged quite quickly. In order to avoid this, you can choose to sport leather bracelets , accessories which scream laid-back elegance with their branded clasps or braided feel.

Roderer Leather
Image courtesy of Roderer

The Key is Always in The Details

As with anything in life, the key to spotting a well-dressed gentleman is almost always in the details. That means things like investing in a quality key ring, leather wash bags to take on trips or even a Roderer belt bag to trek around Europe this summer. A truly stylish man never lets their guard down, opting for minimalists to bring out the elegance in a discrete fashion.

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