An Overview of Versace at Men’s Fashion Week in Milan
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An Overview of Versace at Men’s Fashion Week in Milan

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With one of the most complex and intricate runways of men’s fashion week yet, Versace showcased stripes, yellows, and hot pinks.

Versace’s runway looked complex. The Italian luxury house went for an intricate maze laid out in an Italian courtyard paved in mosaic flooring.

Every so often, a mirrored column tinged in green would appear, with a rotating golden bust at the very top. To compliment, models came out of a bright green archway framed by summery pink Italian flowers. The music? Some funky (and slightly repetitive) beats that kept singing “I don’t like nobody” to the sound of the model’s footsteps.

Image courtesy of Vogue Runway

In terms of clothing Versace starts off the runway with stripes and clashing patterns, retaining a classic color palette that doesn’t evoke true Donatella. Slowly unexpected props start to appear. Models holding large vases, or with tea-cup plates hanging from their belts.

There is then a transition, and we start seeing bright yellows mixed with deep blues, still with rather tamed patterns. Some looks even feel minimalistic, which is quite a shocker for the brand’s usual OTT pattern wear.

In terms of accessories, Versace is opting for clashing colors. Much like in Fendi, we see some complementary blues and oranges, and slowly black starts seeping into the runway, as do some tight-cropped vests, which the models sport with some futuristic-looking sunglasses.

Image courtesy of Vogue Runway
Image courtesy of Vogue Runway

It is only after this that we begin to see the more traditional Versace prints, which seep into the runway slowly but very quickly take over. The models combine them with blacks, blues, pinks, and yellows – at this point, the initial stripes that opened up the show are nowhere to be seen.

Image courtesy of Vogue Runway

The runway started hinting at an end when black and more serene clothing starts to appear. There’s a very interesting fabric with a pattern cut into it which gets used in both trousers and shirts, as well as a risky combination of black and navy blue.

We don’t see as many accessories and headwear as we have in previous men’s fashion week shows, but there is the occasional long golden Versace necklace adorning the models.

Donatella’s appearance is highly expected as soon as the show comes to a close. The audience leans forward to get a glimpse of her, as she quickly waves wearing a black top and trousers striped in the same pattern she used to open up the runway.

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