Where are the Best Places to Shop for Genderless Fashion? Take a look at our guide
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Where are the Best Places to Shop for Genderless Fashion? Take a look at our guide

June 8, 2022 Share

Here’s some of the best places you can find genderless garments for your fashion forward looks.

Genderless fashion is no longer an alienated look. A man wearing a skirt in 2022 does not make headlines the way he would’ve back in the 1950s. The fashion landscape is changing – shopping by gender is becoming outdated as brands embrace the freedom and fluidity of designing and celebrating everyone.

For the new generations, because of genderless fashion, it means a new wardrobe of possibilities awaiting, as we slowly but surely step into a judgement free timeline of creative expression.

Have a browse at these refreshing brands driving fashion towards a more inclusive and playful way of self-expression. 


Championing both sustainable and genderless fashion, Olderbrother is an American brand that truly has it all. Its summer 2022 collection features a lot of yellows and ochres, denims and browns and looks like a minimalist’s haven. 

Image courtesy of Olderbrother


Ijii works with wool, silk, cupro and sustainable fabrics which make their cargo shorts, shirts and hoodies all the more appealing. Much like the other gender-neutral brands, Ijii lets you shop by colour, but also by fabric. 

Image courtesy of Ijii

Official Rebrand

For Official Rebrand, it’s all about viewing fashion as art. Their pieces are a little more adventurous, opting for drastic cuts, colour and accentuated seams. 

Image Courtesy of CFDA Runway

Collina Strada

Collina Strada is fluid – and we’re not just talking about gender. Their pieces are colourfully in-your-face and their love for painted denim has become their staple, or so it seems. 

Image courtesy of Collina Strada


Telfar’s genderless streetwear may have reached your radar with their Bushwik Birkin bag – a very iconic addition to a minimalist’s closet. 

Image courtesy of Dazed

Wales Bonner

For Wales Bonner gender, identity and race are key concepts around the brand, which leans towards casual attire. The brand is 29-year-old Grace Wales, a St Martins Graduate’s baby, and she stands as one of the must-watch designers for the coming years.

Image courtesy of Wales Bonner


Inspired by its designer’s Dominican roots, Luar has developed a cult-like following. From Dua-Lipa to Troye Sivan, this brand has caught some major celebrity’ attention for their bold take on a traditional hoodie. 

Image courtesy of Luar


For Jacq it’s all about inclusivity – this LGBTQ+ brand works hard to make sure their clothes help people feel celebrated through fashion. Their staple look? The oversized tee shirts and shirts with their angled sleeves. 

Image courtesy of Jacq
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