DDW Selects The Very Best In Luxury Watches
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DDW Selects The Very Best In Luxury Watches

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No gentleman’s outfit is complete without a beautiful watch.

Far more than just being a functional item, a high-quality watch is the most – perhaps ironically – timeless accessory that one can invest in.

While smartwatches come and go, an expertly crafted analogue wristwatch can be worn and loved for many years, often for so long that they are passed down from generation to generation. You can tell a great deal about a person from the watch that they wear – so why wouldn’t you ensure that your watch says only good things about you?

However, there are so many styles, brands and designs on the market that it can be difficult to select the perfect watch for you. To help you refine your choice when looking for your next watch, here are the very best in luxury watches, as selected by DDW.

Classic, Stylish, Smart

A modern, yet classic design – often complete with beautifully intricate details, leather straps or durable tough-metal links – will serve you brilliantly. There is no shortage of designer brands producing high-quality watches in classically inspired styles, all created with a level of craftsmanship that will see it ticking over throughout each and every moment of your day for years to come. 




With such a wide range available, there’s a beautiful watch out there that complements every individual’s look and personality perfectly with a touch of class and luxury. Whether you like your watch to be simple and functional, bold and eye-catching or include opulent detailing (gold and diamonds, of course), there’s a modern classic watch out there to suit all styles. 

Go Sport Luxe

You can certainly choose a model of watch that suits a more active lifestyle without heading straight for the high-tech options. 

Mix athleisure and luxury with a top-range sport luxe wristwatch. These watches typically include added functionality – stopwatches, second faces and sometimes the ability to track the time in another timezone.

luxury watches
luxury watches
luxury watches




These luxury watches look just as great on the tennis courts as they do when paired with a smart suit. The perfect option for those with a varied lifestyle – after all, why wouldn’t you want your wristwatch to fit perfectly into every situation?

Invest In Vintage

Like we said – timeless! 

While there are, as we’ve proved, beautiful classically-inspired watch designs out there, watches are an item that often stay with the wearer for years, each item with a history of its very own – and you can’t replicate history. If you’re looking to truly invest in a one-of-a-kind timepiece, why not track down a vintage model? 

luxury watches
luxury watches
luxury watches




Vintage watches are often quite the investment, with the values of some within the hundreds of thousands. However, that value will only grow to new heights as time goes on, whether you decide to pass it on to the next generation or offer it for sale to yet another owner.

With some vintage pieces dating back to the 1920s, these watches have stood the test of time thanks to their craftsmanship and great care taken over the years – now they could be yours, to continue their story.

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