Watches | The Most Expensive And Why You Need One Right Now
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Watches | The Most Expensive And Why You Need One Right Now

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The world’s most exclusive timepieces are multi-million dollar creations for a reason – they are value and fashion in one.

Luxury watches are some of the world’s sort after and admired pieces of technology. Watch prices can soar into the millions by combining the best in craftsmanship, history and design. 

From a $50 million colourful diamond wristwatch to other record-breaking timepieces – watches will always be a timeless investment.

When looking at some of the world’s finest timepieces, there is no time quite like the present. 

And we are not talking about any old wristwatch.

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These high-end hand watches are each handcrafted; some people so skilled they only make one a year. 

This is because watches are, at the end of the day, significant works of art, precision, physics and engineering in perfect motion.

All high-class watches are mechanical and operate smoothly due to the perfectly placed spring that creates the movement. These are wound by a crown that sticks on the side of the watch that needs to be wound once a day.


The most expensive parts that make up the watch lie within the face of the clock and the tourbillion, the axil that increases accuracy and creates balance.

Why invest in a watch right now? Well, it is simple. 

  • A good watch will last a lifetime
  • A look makes an elegant addition to any outfit
  • They are incredibly collectable and desirable for many people to buy

Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive watches in the world to convince you even more why investing in a mechanical timepiece is worth it:

Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 Watches – $11 million


This piece was introduced in 1941 and is the only device with a calendar split-second chronograph made of steel. The brand remains one of the world’s most expensive and luxurious watch brands.

Even King Farouk, the 10th ruler of Egypt, had one of these beauties in 18 karats white gold.

Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watches – $18 million


Now, this is what you call frosting. This billionaire watch is made with 260 karat emerald cut diamonds arranged in an inverse pyramid style setting with a bold cut.

Each diamond is held in an 18 karat white gold case and shines bright like the Torben blue centrepiece. Floyd Mayweather and multiple other billionaires own one.

Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super-complication – $24 million

(Photo by Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters)

The ultimate pocket watch. This watch belonged to Henry Graves Junior, who was a watch enthusiast. 

He managed to procure a personalized timepiece with over 20 complications (a watch feature that goes beyond the display of hours, minutes and seconds).

The watch face includes a night sky taken from his home in New York City. It also includes Westminster chimes, a perpetual calendar and sunrise to sunset times. 

Breguet No. 160 – $30 million

Described as a clockwork poem, this classic pocket watch contains multiple masterpieces. Form a perpetual calendar to a thermometer and a repeated chime that took Abraham Louis Breguet over 40 years of trouble and toil. 

It was said to have been commissioned by Queen Antoinette’s lover, but tragically it was not completed and, in 1983, was even stolen. Luckily it was recovered and is back on display at the LA central Museum in Jerusalem. 

Graff Diamonds Hallucination – $55 million

Now for the big guns. This head-turner holds 110 karats of coloured diamonds in a mosaic of different cuts and is finished embedded in the watch’s strap. This bold and bright watch has pink encrusted diamonds in the centre and is considered a statement piece that has changed the face of watchmaking.

It holds the rarest colours of diamonds worldwide, and it’s not difficult to see why.

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