Cartier Re-Opens The Rue de La Paix Boutique
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Cartier Re-Opens The Rue de La Paix Boutique

January 9, 2023 Share

3 design studios, 37 artisans and two years of renovations later, and Cartier is re-opening its doors to its iconic 13 Rue de La Paix Boutique.

Number 13 of la rue de la Paix, location of Cartier‘s most iconic boutique, is back up and running following an two year long in-depth renovation which brought on board numerous designers. Five storeys of discernible glamour breathe a new life into the OG of all Cartier stores, poised in one of the French Capital’s most luxurious zinc-roofed streets.

Image courtesy of Lucie & Simon, Cartier

The History of 13 Rue de La Paix

Cartier originated in 1847, but only truly took off when Louis-François Cartier took charge of Adoplphe Picard’s jeweller studio, located in number 29 of Rue Montorgueil, Paris. Its headquarters remained at Montorgueil until 1899, when Cartier moved to Rue de La Paix, an emblematic street connecting two of Paris’ most notorious cultural hotspots; the Vendôme plaza and the Ópera Garnier.

Serving as a cradle for what was yet to come, the location was the birthplace of some of the brand’s most iconic releases, such as the Cartier bracelets or the famous Cartier Tank watch collection.

Image courtesy of Fabrice Fouillet

The Designers in Charge of the Renovation

Three architecture studios Moinard Bétaille, Studioparisien and Laura González were in charge of the extensive remodelling. They collaborated with 37 different artisans, all masters in their own specific crafts, of which we highlight Atelier Midavaine, sculptor Étienne Rayssac, Hervé Obligi, Atelier Lilikpó, and Lison de Caunes.

Four out of the five floors of 13 Rue de la Paix are open to the public in a boutique fit for the pickiest of customers. The first floor, home to the engagement rings, is decorated in soft pastels and delicate lighting, whilst the floor dedicated to high-end jewellery is designed with more contemporary accents. The third floor is the last open tot he general public, and is dedicated to repairs and maintenance. Accessible via the grand staircase, or, if desired, through a more private lift, the fourth floor of Cartier’s new boutique remains reserved for special orders – equipped with all the necessary workshops and craftspeople necessary to make this happen.

Its final, possibly most exclusive floor is the fifth, home to what has been named “La Residénce”, a celebratory space to toast to life’s great events and share ideas. The space is also shared with Cartier’s archives – a rather impressive collection of graphics, models and photography.

Image courtesy of Cartier
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