Yeezy and Balenciaga Join Forces With Gap
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Yeezy and Balenciaga Join Forces With Gap

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Are you ready for this? Collaborators and friends Ye and Demna, who went by their full names Kanye West and Demna Gvasalia until recently, are teaming up for a project with Gap. After working with Demna on numerous projects, including DONDA, for over a year, it was only a matter of time before the two collaborated on something with their respective brands. But we never imagined it would turn into a three-way collaboration with Gap.

Through the ubiquitous American retailer, the collection ties together the world-famous rapper and artist with the hottest high fashion company on the planet right now. Demna’s debut couture collection for Balenciaga was hailed as a triumph, and for a ready-to-wear follow-up, he collaborated on a mini-episode of The Simpsons, complete with a red carpet premiere in Paris. Meanwhile, Ye secured a massive 10-year deal with Gap in 2020, and despite the fact that only a few items have been released so far, it’s got a huge amount of attention. His signature round jacket hit resell sites before it even shipped.

The new logo for the Yeezy Gap collaboration with Balenciaga.

Collaborations have become the fashion world’s lingua franca—see Fendi and Versace‘s Fendace mashup, or Balenciaga and Gucci‘s “hacking” activation in autumn 2021. But, Ye and Demna see this differently.  The project is officially called Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga.

If that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue at the moment, trust us, it won’t be long. After all, it’s Balenciaga at Gap prices! Yes please. “This is a very different challenge,” Demna clarifies. “I’ve always appreciated the utilitarianism and the accessibility of Gap. I share some of the same sensibilities in my creative language. This project allowed me to join forces [with Ye] to create utilitarian fashion for all.”

Details around Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga are scarce, but the first drop is said to be expected in June 2022, with a second coming later in the year. Here’s hoping Julia Fox will star in the campaign. 


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