Balenciaga Holds A Red Carpet Event Packed With Stars In Paris 2021
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Balenciaga Holds A Red Carpet Event Packed With Stars In Paris 2021

byMichelle LaverOctober 4, 2021

It was another eye-opening night for Balenciaga as the red runway went viral. Paris Fashion Week 2021 had never seen so many stars strut it.

Balenciaga, the luxury fashion empire is run by the Creative Director – Demna Gvasalia, after replacing Alexander Wang in 2015. The Georgian designer’s vision has infiltrated fashion, streetwear and everything in between. 

He has even put DHL, IKEA and Crocs on the runway and is responsible for some of the biggest shifts in fashion for the past few years.

Another example of this occurred at Paris Fashion Week 2021 for his spring/summer 2022 collection.

On a rainy evening in Paris at Le Théâtre du Châtelet, Balenciaga reimagined the concept of the runway and red carpet beauty.


Outside of the theatre, walls and floors melted into each other like a sea of ruby velvet, and paparazzi flashes lit up a cast of characters arriving in the collection itself.

This season, Balenciaga showed off a wide range of apparel including a wardrobe of streetwear-inspired fits for the day and elegant tailoring and eveningwear.

On top of avant-garde gowns for couture nights out, this season saw an eclectic mix of tuxedo wear blended with streetwear. According to HypeBeast, it is evident that the lines of fashion were blurred when it came to formal and casual wear. 

The collection spanned from streetwear and daywear to evening wear and proto-couture pieces. Gvasalia’s silhouettes varied from ultra-slim to dramatically oversized.

His new and stand-out feature was his Space Shoes which were constructed out of the highly innovative single moulds. This gave an alternative to the classic derby and slipper-like loafers he usually showcases. 

Balenciaga also debuted The Defender, a new super-chunky sneaker that features extreme tire tread, while also leaning into their ongoing collaboration with Crocs to provide additional renditions of the cybergoth aesthetic.

Arriving at Balenciaga, every guest was encouraged to pose for a sea of photographers on the red carpet. Little did they know, inside the Théâtre du Châtelet, previous arrivals were watching them strut their stuff on a big screen. 


Celebrities included Cardi B, Naomi Campbell, his right-hand woman Martina, team designers Emmanuel, Felix, Romain, his personal assistant Tally, his in-house model Yuri, and his husband Loïk. 

Then, Gvasalia blurred the lines by using celebrities such as Lewis Hamilton, Elliot Page, Offset, Dev Hynes, and Ella Imhoff as models wearing, even more, looks.

According to Vogue, after the “red-carpet roundup” montage of the evening, Gvasalia premiered a special episode of The Simpsons, the characters of which featured in his last ready-to-wear collection. 

The episode saw an animated Gvasalia fly to Springfield to stage a Balenciaga show for the town’s residents. The characters involved some real celebrity look-a-likes.

As his red carpet runway does viral around the world, Demna Gvasalia will too, go down in history as one of the first designers to truly understand internet culture. 

His runway memes are designed to break the internet and his outrageous items ensure that he is one of the most talked-about designers working today.

See the entire lineup of celebrities who walked the runway here.

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