Who Are The Mambo Brothers?
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Who Are The Mambo Brothers?

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Christian and Alan Anadon, better known as Ibiza’s famous pair, the Mambo Brothers, are turning heads in the DJ scene. 

Who are the Mambo Brothers that have been making a lot of noise on the Ibiza party front? Christian and Alan Anadon, better known as the Mambo Brothers, were raised in the clubbing utopia of Ibiza. 

Born and raised on the White Isle, the duo have been living and breathing electronic music since they were kids and, before long, found themselves soundtracking parties across the island.

EDM aristocrats, their parents were founders of the legendary Café Mambo Ibiza where some of the world’s biggest name DJs have come to play. Only boys, they watched and learned, fell in love with music and the ability of DJs to send a crowd wild.

mambo brothers
Photographer: Jordi Cervera

Now they run the cafe, play at global events, and produce their music. In a new partnership with Suunto, the Mambo Brothers put together three playlists for Suunto users to enjoy on their next workout. The first playlist is ideal for recovery and chilling. The second playlist offers more get up and go. And the third playlist consists of tracks suited to an intense workout.

They travel the world playing at festivals and parties until the sun rises. They return home to Ibiza and party some more at their venues. Right now, their hands are currently on major headlining events. Their family-run business owns over four properties, including Casa Maca, Hostal la Torre, La Cava, and Palapa. 

It’s no wonder Ibiza Mambo is the most significant player on the strip. 

mambo brothers
The Brothers In Ibiza are performing a show. Mambo Brothers Instagram.

As a genuinely magical place, Café Mambo has become more than just a restaurant in one of Ibiza’s resorts; it has become part of the island’s history and a firm staple in the nightlife of San Antonio.

It provides the sunset strip with a venue that not only serves up delicious food to the backdrop of one of the world’s most mesmerising sunset spots but is also a place for tourists and locals to enjoy music from globally renowned DJs.

The Mambo Brothers prove that being a DJ and living life with family at the forefront is the place to be.

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