Where to Stay in Ibiza According to Your Needs and Wants
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Where to Stay in Ibiza According to Your Needs and Wants

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From all-night ravers to zen seekers, find your perfect Ibiza stay. You know what they say; your vibe attracts your tribe.

At 5am in Ibiza you’re just as likely to come across Solomun die hard fanatics on the way back from the club, as you are to bump into a health-obsessed yoga mother in tight purple Lululemon leggings, looking for an early start to their day. It’s part of the Ibiza duality, the hippie infused cafés, retreats and boutiques that contrast the island’s enviable party scene, never-ending nights and thumping beats.

Image courtesy of Mukasa

Figuring out what it is you want from your vacation to the island is tricky in itself, but add accommodation into the mix and you’ve got yourself a whole lot more to think about. Let us make things a little easier for you whilst you pack your sunglasses, flip-flops and sunscreen. Taking into account the many exciting properties dotted around the island, here are some of DDW’s favourite vacation rentals according to what areas of the island spike your interest.

Remember: although Ibiza offers a bit of everything for everyone, nailing down exactly what you want from your vacation might just save you from those awkward 5am encounters.

For the One’s in Need of Chakra Alignment: Sant Joan

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The northernmost part of the island is the place to be if sound baths, meditation and gratitude sound like your cup of tea (or tea-quila, if you’re partying about). With its quaint little towns, raw natural coastlines and array of white-washed buildings, northern Ibiza is a prime location for those looking to experience the island in its most tranquil and spiritual state.

Accommodation: Agate Hillside Villa

Image courtesy of Mukasa
Image courtesy of Mukasa

Decorated with a mixture of wooden accents, Buddha statues and a sofa pit, the Agate Hillside Vila echoes its surrounding atmosphere to perfection. Armed with its very own treetop hut, it boasts of an eclectic influence of architectural styles, always true to its rustic Ibiza origins and granting the property a sanctuary-like status amidst all the nature, scenery and natural elements.

If You Want To Party: San Antonio

Image courtesy of @iamkateedney at Café Mambo

Music is always pounding in San Antonio, home to the island’s most notorious nightclubs that cater long into the early morning. With its bar-lined sunset strip, mega night clubs and beach bars, San Antonio is proudly described as the clubbing capital of the island. Not for the faint hearted, it is the ideal place to stay if you’re looking to be near one of the island’s best sunsets and DJs; think tropical techno with a mojito in hand.

Accommodation: Lennix Villa

Image courtesy of Mukasa
Image courtesy of Mukasa

With 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, polished concrete floors and a pool to lounge in during the day, Lennix is our property of choice for the greatest party-goers amongst us. Offering a tranquil heaven at which to beat last-night’s party blues, this villa is designed to be the ideal hosting home with its large open plan living, 16-seat dinner table and outdoor barbecue.

For the Hungry Ones: Santa Eularia

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What’s a holiday without good food? You’re in Spain after all, one of Europe’s prime culinary getaways, and in Santa Eularia in particular, you’ll come across Ibiza’s most spectacular restaurants. With everything from elegant dining experiences to beach shacks for a more laid-back meal by the sea, foodies will feel right at home in Santa Eularia.

Accommodation: Quartz Villa

Image courtesy of Mukasa
Image courtesy of Mukasa

Contemporary but with a hint of Ibiza authenticity, Quartz villa was designed by architect Jaime Serra. Details such as its decking made from a 200-year-old Bali bridge, or the freestanding roll top bath grant the property a level of exclusivity which is hard to match, and its ample hosting opportunities make it an ideal place to gather with family and friends after a day at the nearby beaches.

For Those Wanting The Island Life: Sant Josep

Image courtesy of @gretagalassi

Southern Ibiza is the part of the island with the most beaches, coves and strips of blue out of the entire island. Home to Cala Bassa, Cala Comte, Cala Vadella, Cala des Jondal, Sa Caleta, and Ses Salinas, southern Ibiza is laidback, rustic and authentic like no other. It also happens to be one of the island’s most convenient areas to spend your holidays, not too far from the old town, airport and Sant Antoni nightlife.

Accommodation: Topaz Villa

Image courtesy of Mukasa
Image courtesy of Mukasa

Topaz is a property with both insane views and an equally captivating interior. Equipped with its very private alcove to anchor your small boats, an infinity pool and an outdoor dining area with the island’s hilltops as a background, there’s hardly anywhere else we’d rather spend our holidays that offers equal amounts of scenery, comfort and luxury.

Ibiza truly offers something for everyone, whether you’re seeking a spiritual retreat or a wild party scene. You know the deal. Whatever your vibe, you’ll find your tribe.

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