Purple, who!?
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Purple, who!?

December 17, 2020 Share

They call him the King of Miami – but who is this guy named after a colour? Is he a Prince superfan? Or perhaps a Lakers one? Maybe he’s the man underneath the Barney the Dinosaur costume?… DDW investigates to takes a closer look at this mysterious character and why everyone is talking about him:

The Magic City has always been a place that prides itself on its ability to show guests and residents a good time. First it was the Italian mafia that came in to build restaurants, clubs and casinos – then it was the Jewish property developers that established the slick hotels and resorts and finally it was the Cuban exiles that brought salsa and flavour. The resultant combination was, and is, magnetic; a sun soaked melting pot of gorgeous people with seemingly casual employment on a perpetual holiday. 

There’s nowhere quite like Miami and the world has taken notice. In the past few years the city has gone from holiday paradise to building a serious reputation as a cultural capital. Events like Miami Art Basel and Art Miami have brought the city into the spotlight attracting major luxury brands, design hotels, member’s clubs and the seal of approval from a jetset crowd tired of NY, SF and LA. 

With this meteoric rise has come a newly revived nightlife, filled to the brim with cool nightclubs, concerts, festivals, fashionable restaurants and an endless stream of DJ-led private villa parties. 


At the epicentre of it all, a man called Purple. As the front-facing head of VIP relations for club impresario David Grutman’s empire of nightclubs and restaurants he is the eye of the party hurricane that has hit Miami. Working across the ‘Groot Hospitality’ portfolio of LIV, STORY, KOMODO, SWAN and new steak joint, PAPI STEAK, Purple is the magic maker that makes sure the very best clients and celebrities keep clamouring for more.

He earned his unique name from having a penchant for the colour, and his extravagant style. His nickname, fashion sense and larger than life personality seem to have earned him the attention of everyone from Kanye and Paris Hilton to Neymar – all of whom call on him to hit the town when they touch down in Miami. 

And for the mere mortals that just want to party? He holds the keys to the coveted LIV vip area – without a nod from him or Grutman there’s about as much of a chance of guests getting a table then there is of a snow storm hitting Florida. 

Miami's South Beach
Miami’s South Beach

Now that Miami is hitting its stride and attracting more people than ever with its weather, venues and lax Covid restrictions – the competition to get into the most sought after places is fiercer than ever. Call on Purple to be your nightlife sherpa. 

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Author: Anthony Fox