New Music Monday – July 4th
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New Music Monday – July 4th

July 4, 2022 Share

DDW’s compilation of some of the best new music out this July.

It’s shaping up to be another busy week of new music releases with a range of different genres – expect familiar faces alongside newcomers.

From collaborative pop projects to indie ballads, here’s some of DDW’s highlights this week:

Joey Bada$$- Where I Belong

Image courtesy of Stereogum

At only 27 years of age, Brooklyn’s Joey Bada$$ has become a boom-bop prodigy, taking the genre by storm with his 2017 release All-Amerikkkan Badass. The young revivalist is back with new music, releasing “Where I Belong”, the second single from his upcoming album “2000”. 

The track carries the same ’90s hip-hop vibe fans are accustomed to, alongside Joey’s introspective show-stealing bars. With melancholic instruments and an old-school hip-hop flow, Joey Bada$$’s Where I Belong is a release worthy of a five-year wait. 

Joey Bada$$’s “2000” will be released on July 22nd. 

Listen to “Where I Belong” below:

Cardi B- Hot Shit 

Image courtesy of Stereogum

Cardi B’s latest track “Hot Shit” featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk marks her first release since 2021’s “Bet It.” The track is the first lead single for her upcoming sophomore album, produced by Tay Keith. Fun trivia: the track actually stems from a b-side that was shelved before the release “WAP”. 

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Cardi B discussed what it was like working with Kanye on the track:

“I learned so much about him and he’s such an amazing, sweet person. I wish a lot of people could have conversations with him so they could just see the real him”. 

Whilst the new music might not be an earworm like previous releases “I Like It” and “Bodak Yellow”, the more stripped-back elements of “Hot Shit” offer a more simplistic bass-boosted playful beat with some catchy verses and even a reference to the late, great Virgil Abloh, the fashion designer and artistic director of Louis Vuitton. 

Listen to “Hot Shit” below:

The Chainsmokers – Why Can’t You Wait 

Image courtesy of The Chainsmokers

After teasing a collaboration with Bob Moses on Twitter back in June, The Chainsmokers released “Why Can’t You Wait”. The track combines both the artistic and experimental aspects of The Chainsmokers fused with Bob Moses distinguishable sound to create a poppy-dance track that reflects the musical finesse and talent both groups have. 

The vocals from The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and Moses’ Tom Howie work in unison to create an emotive and harmonious single, perfectly curated. 

The collaborative single “Why Can’t You Wait” has now been listed as the new opening track on The Chainsmoker’s fourth studio album “So Good So Far” which was released back in May of this year. 

Check out the full album below: 

Paolo Nutini – Last Night In The Bittersweet 

Image courtesy of Nutini

After eight long years, Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini is finally back with “Last Night In The Bittersweet”, the follow-up album to 2014’s “Caustic Love”. The fourth studio album marks the return of Nutini’s soulful voice and hard-hitting indie bops that have always effortlessly provoked a sense of love, heartache and introspection. “Last Night In The Bittersweet” is not just new music from Nutini, it’s his longest album to date with a total runtime of 112 minutes.

The album combines elements of spoken word, brass instruments, indie rock and Nutini’s poetic songwriting to make what can only be described as a tour-de-force, and return to form for the indie icon. 

Eight years in the making, it feels as though every note and lyric was carefully thought through and intricately crafted, with no room for error or space for filler tracks. “Last Night In The Bittersweet” is a Nutini record with a soft heart and a rough edge, with its confessional vocals and hard-hitting rock breathing a new lease of life into all listeners and hopeless romantics. 

Listen to “Last Night In The Bittersweet” below:

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