Treat Your Private Jet To A Glorified Shelter
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Treat Your Private Jet To A Glorified Shelter

July 24, 2022 Share

If you are craving to make another power move, love to travel and need some alone time with your private jet, investing in a private airport could help you hit the spot.

Once a person becomes uber-wealthy, they tend to pick up an expensive hobby to go with it. But collecting private jets or wearing killer aviators in the cockpit isn’t the only excuse you need to get your hands on a private airport. 

Does size even matter? 

Even though big boy Biden has his grips on the majority of commercial airports or they are run by numerous United States entities, it doesn’t mean to say that smaller existing airports looking for a home won’t be satisfactory. It may be a rare sighting for a private airport to pull up a red ‘for sale sign’ in America, but when it does – grab it, or do what John Travolta did with his $3.5 million mansion and become one with it.  

Private airport
Photo courtesy of Fly Super Fly.

If you would rather not wake up to a gigantic Boeing 787-8 BBJ on your driveway, you could stick to the simple things in life. Well, now is your chance. A $2.5 million driveway in Southern Maine, York County, went on the market under realtors Keller Williams Realty recently. Even though it may need to be extended a bit, the 2,973-foot runway also offers pads for any one of your friend’s choppers to take a seat.

Named the Limington Airport, the mini-empire comes with six extended out-buildings and with every touchdown, knowing that this private airport is surrounded by roaming woodland makes it all the better. Maine may be home to hilltop views and salt marsh habitats, but the destination is becoming “increasingly popular” for those living more in the state. 

Private airport
John Travolta’s private home and airfield. Photo by Architecture and Design.

In other words, with more need to visit the desired location, having a private airport in a space that has proximity to some of the main hotspots in town is looking way more valuable to investors in time. 

So, if you think owning a hotel in the sky isn’t luxury enough, why not splurge on a runway where the travelling time and hassle to get to your next destination is shorter than ever?  

Private airport
Limington Airport from above. Courtesy of Keller Williams Realty.
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