High-Tech Hideaways | How Luxury Theatres Raise The Value Of A Home
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High-Tech Hideaways | How Luxury Theatres Raise The Value Of A Home

March 3, 2022 Share

An unusual, high-end feature like a luxury home theatre might not be to everyone’s taste, but it is a trend that’s increasing in popularity. 

For years, home designers and architects have been incorporating luxurious private theatre rooms or indoor theatres into large mansions.

The trend is growing so fast that real estate agents find buyers expecting the luxury amenity in all new builds.

We consume more content than ever before. Still, for the rich and famous with private screening rooms in their homes, the experience is better than going to the cinema.

The screening room at this $35.5 million estate in Bel Air. Photo by JADE MILLS

The home theatres are the main components in a luxury sale right now. “People love that escapism,” says Forbes. It’s been one of the main features for years, but they have certainly gotten bigger and better, and the money that people are spending on them is outrageous. 

People want to make their theatres more informal and make them super loungey.


You’ll be so much more pleased with the final result if you invest in the tech that provides stunning sound and arresting visual images. 

Suppose you still aren’t convinced whether a home cinema is worth the investment, despite the unlimited hours of high-quality entertainment and complete control of the experience. 

Courtesy of Sona

The theatre room could be built simply from a converted garage, shed, spare bedroom, and a dedicated transformed area. “A media room allows dual-purpose use of this space, rather than one function, ‘cinema room’,” advises Veritais.

Oceanfront luxury residential screening room with wood beams and glass panels. A Wine cellar. Photo by SLAYMAN CINEMA
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