The Hottest Luxury Travel Destinations That Are Trending This Summer
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The Hottest Luxury Travel Destinations That Are Trending This Summer

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Who doesn’t love a phenomenal vacation? Luxury, clubs, nature, history and culture – the best travel destinations always provide a pure amalgam of everything with the right proportions. But the most appealing feature of any destination has to be the luxury it provides.

Is it finally safe to say that COVID has left the building? Well, maybe not quite yet, but an economic revival seems to be the top priority for governance across the world, and for this to succeed, all of them are banking on tourism. Travel destinations and the most visited region in the world-The European Union, is desperate to selvedge its summertime season by opening up its borders. 

With the summer season finally here, there is no question that sustainable nature-based travel will become ever more popular than before. Camping, trekking, swimming and outdoor adventure lifestyles will be more valued as a safe, seamless and authentic experience. So when it comes to a revival of sorts, fear not! Our world has such a strong connection with technology that our relationship with the online world is already sailing our travel industry into recovery.

Plenty of us will be dreaming of breaks in boats and boutique hotels, strolling on quiet coastal lakesides and stepping into rural locations after being stuck inside the house or in an office space. Regular travellers who can afford to will be inspired to get out and about ASAP or to start planning up a luxurious bucket list holiday extravaganza. 

Along with road trips, country escapes and villa holidays, a common booming trend at the forefront of travel, accessible outside towns with big open spaces and a reduced number of people are drawing in travellers and families. On the other hand, Villa holidays offer space and seclusion, and rentals have rocketed this year. A home from home or self-catering unit suggests more people are moving away from the hotel industry into places where they can stay for prolonged periods, at their own risk. 

But risk aside, we all want a slice of revenge travel paradise, but where should you go? Here are some of the top luxury destinations that are begging for you to come over in 2022:

1. Malta, one of the top travel destinations in the world

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Saint Poul Cathedral in Mdina village of Malta. Photo by CRISTIAN BALATE.

Malta is indeed a wonderful archipelago centred on the Mediterranean Sea. Aside from the obvious attraction of beautiful golden beaches and a dazzling turquoise coastline, this island country is rich in history and Maltese culture, dating back to 4,000 BC.

Explore Malta’s fascinating thousand-year-old fortresses, megalithic ruins, and Neolithic burial chambers at your leisure. Sunbathe on gorgeous beaches, eat delicious Maltese food, and work off your calories by hiking through fossil-rich limestone cliffs or scuba diving through incredible underwater caves. 

If you’ve always nursed the dream of a getaway to the Maltese islands, then now is your chance. Malta is known for its beauty and its numerous five-star stop luxury resorts and hotels. One of the best rated is the Grand Hotel Excelsior and the boutique hotel called The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux.

2. Montenegro, Kotor

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Perast at Bay of Kotor. Photo by GIVAGA.

The next luxurious hotspot on the top travel destinations list is Kotor a beautiful port town in the northeastern region of Montenegró. Situated ideally in the back of the Bay of Kotor, it is a major tourist destination for people who love cruising the Adriatic Sea. Kotor Bay is a beautiful area in Montenegro and has loads to offer. From the old town of Kotor, with its fortress and cats, to Perast, an old village that looks a little bit like Venice.

3. Portugal, Madeira

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Madeira island, Portugal. Photo by BALATE DORIN.

Madeira is a wonderful vacation destination, pushed up by volcanic forces from the seafloor. Volcanic activity settled millennia ago, yet the island’s rich soils and spring climate means Madeira explodes in lush vegetation all year round. 

Visit Madeira’s capital, Funchal. Walk streets paved with patterned stonework and explore centuries-old churches and homes, which have endured pirate raids, German U-boat attacks, and earthquakes. Or head to Cabo Girão, one of the world’s mightiest cliffs. At Garajau, watch divers far below enjoying the undersea gardens of the marine reserve. 

Madeira’s ring road strings together coastal towns and beaches together, each a little different from the last. Madeira’s northern coastline offers plenty of drama and adventure too. Popular luxurious hotels to stay in are found on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, like Belmond Reid’s Palace or the 19th-century Estalagem Quintinha Sao Joao.

4. Turks And Caicos

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Turks And Caicos. Photo by ROGER VORHEIS.

The next luxurious hotspot on the top travel destinations list is based on the sandy shores of the Bahamas. Turks and Caicos lies off the southeastern tip of the bahamas and encompasses on of the largest coral reef systems in the world. So not surprisingly diving is one of the top things to do here. From exquisite white sand beaches to nature trails, iguana reserves and underground caves, the island draws in tourists from time and time again.

This small island nation of less than 100,000 people is made up of 40 islands with just about 8 being inhabited. That means there is a lot of virgin beach in Turks and Caicos. The island is famous for its incredible turqoise water, friendly people, and all the conch you can eat. According to Tripadvisor, one of the best places to stay is at the Blue Haven Resort and the The Ritz-Carlton resort. 

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