The 5 Most Expensive Dresses Ever Made
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The 5 Most Expensive Dresses Ever Made

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Brace yourself for this: the most expensive dress ever is priced at a jaw-dropping 30 million.

Who would’ve thought some dresses could cost as much as a mansion? Brace yourself for this: the most expensive dresses ever are priced at a jaw-dropping 30 million. That’s enough cash to buy not one, but a couple of dreamy villas in prime spots around the world. However, it appears that certain luxury fashion designers are all about creating a big impression – and the price tags in these garments certainly leave one.

Image Courtesy of Elle

The Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur, valued at $30M

Check out this showstopper by Faisal Abdullah. It’s the crème de la crème of luxury expensive dresses, featuring silk, taffeta, and a jaw-dropping 70-carat diamond at its center. Plus, the train? Covered in sparkling diamonds for extra glam.

Image Courtesy of The Nightingale of Kuala

The Diamond Wedding Gown, worth $12M 

This magnificent diamond wedding gown was created by jeweler Martin Katz and designer Renee Strauss. This magnificent item, which was made back in 2006, is a stunning blend of opulent silk and an incredible 150 carats of diamonds, standing out from the other dresses. So expensive and luxurious that it still hasn’t sold, and you can still get your hands on it. This dress is unique because of its clever construction, which causes the diamonds to capture light and shimmer magically as the bride moves. It’s the perfect show-stopper for any upcoming bride.

Image Courtesy of Wedding Wonderland/Renee Strauss/Martin Katz

Yumi Katsura, worth 8.3M

This stunning bridal dress was designed by the well-known Japanese designer Katsura. This garment is an absolute marvel of luxury, with over a thousand pearls spilling down its silhouette. The pièce de résistance is this stunning five-carat white gold diamond and the magnificent 8.8-carat green diamond that adorn the waist as if that weren’t enough. This is one of the most remarkable dresses… fantastic, nothing less.

Image Courtesy of TokyoWeekender

Hany El Behairy Wedding Dress, worth $15M

Hany El Behairy‘s Wedding Dress, which is valued at $15 million has a star-patterned veil and an elaborately designed torso. Delicately adorned with hundreds of diamonds and valuable stones, it was unveiled during Paris Haute Couture Week 2020. Known for creating the priciest wedding gowns, Egyptian fashion designer Hany El Behairy is well-known. An affluent Egyptian family was the client for whom he designed this outfit. Almost 800 hours were needed to finish it.

Image Courtesy of Gabriel Hardy

Red Diamond Abaya, valued at $16M

At a whopping $16 million, British designer Debbie Wingham has created a stunning work of art that is the Red Diamond Abaya dress, quite possibly one of the most expensive dresses ever. This is not your average abaya; it’s the height of elegance, highlighted by a perfect red diamond. Not only that, but this dress is set with an astounding two thousand valuable stones, including fifty perfect two-carat white diamonds, fifty perfect two-carat black diamonds, and an abundance of pointer diamonds. The best part is that almost 200,000 stitches, or almost every inch of this exquisite creation, are hand-stitched with 14-carat white gold thread! Dubai’s stunning creation has lifted the standard for extravagance.

Image Courtesy of Royal Arts
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