Luca Faloni Helps You Dress Like an Italian
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Luca Faloni Helps You Dress Like an Italian

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Luca Faloni, the Italian high-end fashion brand, is here to teach you how to dress to impress with their slow-fashion crafted pieces.

Italians know how to dress. Unsurprisingly, they also know how to make good food, enjoy the good weather and build nice buildings, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that they know how to pair their shirts and dresses for any occasion.

There are, of course, many Italian fashion brands making a name for themselves in today’s fashion industry, but there are few fashion houses which work so carefully and elegantly as Luca Faloni.

Image courtesy of Luca Faloni

What is Luca Faloni?

Luca Faloni is an Italian brand focused on slow, sustainable fashion. Born from a strong culture of artisanal craftsmanship and quality fabrics, Luca Faloni has searched Italy in the pursuit of the best local artisans to develop quality crafted fashion for the modern cosmopolitan man.

Their latest venture is to launch a campaign of fashion available both for adults and in junior sizes, making it possible for dad and son to sport matching outfits inspired by the depths of Italian culture. We’re not talking about the mild cliché matching dad and son outfits you’re used to. We’re referencing their quality linen shirts available in 23 different colours, or lightweight linen trousers.

Image courtesy of Luca Faloni

Linen, Linen and More Linen

Little did we know that linen comes in a variety of textures and types. Righe, Délavé and Tinto Pezza are the types that Luca Faloni works with, all distinct in their own ways. Whilst Tinto Pezza is ideal for a casual but refined evening look, Délavé is an alternative to colour-block linen for its mottled surface colour. Righe, however, they recommend wearing under a blazer; a summery alternative for fresh and formal attire.

It’s not only linen that Luca Faloni works with though. The brand makes wonderful polos and t-shirts, both in silk-cotton or silk-cashmere. They also have a splendid collection of leather goods, including bags, gloves, wallets and other luxury-looking pieces to compliment and elevate your outfits in true Italian style.

Luca Faloni’s Winter Fashion

Interestingly, the brand takes cues from its southern cities for its summer collections and sticks to its more northern roots for its wintery ones. Born in Turin, the brand works with timeless fabrics and a myriad of craftsmanship detail for their Torinese collection, which evokes northern Italy elegance like no other.

One of Luca Faloni’s stand-outs is their careful cashmere pieces. From chunkier accessories to hoodies, Faloni’s elevated style hoodies are optimal for chilly summer evenings and serve casual elegance at their finest. For when it gets colder, however, they have a very elegant, chunky knitwear mock neck jumper, available in neutral colours and a myriad of sizes.

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