Smart Investment: 9 Fashion Items Worth Your Money
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Smart Investment: 9 Fashion Items Worth Your Money

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Are you looking for timeless fashion investment pieces? Explore classic finds, such as designer handbags and trench coats. Get ready to take your style to the next level.

Acquiring classic fashion investment pieces is equivalent to creating a wardrobe that lasts a lifetime. These precious pieces below are well worth the initial cost, even though they appear costly. Their timeless elegance ensures versatility and lasting value, as they mix easily into any ensemble.

Image Courtesy of Fashion Strategy Weekly


Bottega Veneta The Arco 48 Leather Top Handle Bag

With its understated elegance, Bottega Veneta stands out in the premium market in this era of individualism. The brand, which avoids flashy logos, radiates confidence and individuality while subverting conventional fashion conventions with its understated yet elegant look.

Price: $2900

Image Courtesy of Harrods

Hermes Handbags

Hermès Birkin bags showed their timeless appeal and investment potential in 2020 with an outstanding yearly return of +38%.

Price: begins at roughly $10,000 for the smallest style

Image courtesy of Hermès

Chanel 2.55 Bag

Originally priced at $220 when it was first introduced in February 1955, the renowned 2.55 handbag has since grown in popularity and can now bring upwards of $4,900 in both vintage and modern versions.

Image Courtesy of Chanel

Cartier Tank Watch

Using millions of data points on primary and secondary market dynamics, Rebag’s 2022 Clair Report claims that Cartier products have an amazing average resale value retention of 79%.

Price: $2,740

Image Courtesy of Cartier

Rolex Lady Datejust 26MM Watch

To further enhance its appeal, the Rolex Datejust is now available in a range of hues. Although the champagne-colored model is preferred for its classic style, variants featuring diamond indices are especially sought after and fetch a premium on the used market.

Price: $4,063

Image Courtesy of Hodinkee

Cartier Love Bracelets

Love Bracelets range in price from over $4,000 for a solid yellow gold version to $56,000 for a white gold version with pave set with diamonds, according to Cartier’s website. These classic pieces hold their worth since they are associated with a renowned, well-known jewelry brand.

Image Courtesy of Greg GONZALEZ 


Burberry Trench Coat

With its classic double-breasted silhouette and distinctive plaid trimmings, this must-have item currently costs between $795 and $7,000, depending on the length, material, and style.

Bottega Veneta Trench Coat

Consider purchasing this trench coat from Bottega Veneta as an investment for a timeless modern classic. This classic piece is made from an opulent cotton blend and comes with a matching belt, guaranteeing years of style and adaptability.

Price: $ 2,900

Image Courtesy of Harrods UK

Helmut Lang Patent Leather Trench Coat

The leather trench may have gained popularity thanks to The Matrix, but its durability as a wind- and water-resistant coat is what makes it so appealing. It becomes the best fashion investment for colder regions, providing more warmth than a standard cotton trench and guaranteeing both style and usefulness.

Price: $1690

Image Courtesy of SAKS FIFTH AVENUE
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