4 New Things To Try TODAY
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https://ddw.cx/ben The history of the United States is something so vast, so varied, it’s difficult to see how any artist could capture it all in the space of just one exhibition. However, we think that Ben Turnbull’s American History RemiX is pretty close to a perfect job.

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4 New Things To Try TODAY

With so many things to do in a day, how do you choose what to do? Make the most of this weekend with our editor’s picks.

4 New Things To Try


Find your inner Buddha with our DDW Mediation sessions. Starting tonight, meditation guru Patrick Rae will guide you through a series of 30-minute sessions to take you one step closer to inner peace. First one is at tomorrow at 5 pm GMT here

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Wine & Dine

No more greasy fare from the local burger joint; new online service, Supper, focuses on premium food delivery from London’s best restaurants, from Jean-Georges At The Connaught to Sumosan Twiga. Get it in now before a government-imposed shutdown begins. 

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Move Your Body

Celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer has trained Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kim Kardashian. Now, she’s offering free online courses for you here and on her Instagram here. Get fit and break the isolation blues.

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Release Your Inner Scholar

The last in the list for 4 new things to try today; The world-famous Ivy League is comprised of some of the most prestigious universities on the planet, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia Universities. They have graduated world leaders and Nobel laureates and are opening their courses up for free online. To start your intellectual journey, get your pen and paper and go here for details.

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