Isolation Life: Stay stylish as you WFH ...
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Isolation Life: Stay stylish as you WFH

Isolation Life: Stay stylish as you WFH

Self isolation need not mean living un-stylishly nor uncomfortably. This is the perfect time to finally shop for some indulgent loungewear and home accessories. Check out some of our absolute favourites to live your best life whilst WFH:

Cashmere everything  | Nothing is more comforting than being wrapped up in the finest

The World’s Best Hoodie | Milano Cardigan | Blanket of Dreams

Scents and sensibility | Keep your home and workspace perfectly perfumed

Baies | Fig Ambrette | Fire

Bright walls for all | Surround yourself with bright inspiration from some of the world’s best artists for less than you think

Heather’s Painting | Dreamers |Swim-in

Why having plants at home is essential to your wellbeing and comfort

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