Meditation and Harmony: The New Lifestyle
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Meditation and Harmony: The New Lifestyle

February 11, 2022 Share

Feeling Stressed? Ready to take on the “New Year New Me” slogan but in a reachable way? One of the most difficult tasks we face every day is pausing to breathe and envision our dream lives. Not the million-dollar penthouse and investments, rather how we wish to take on the day. This includes our moods, emotions, reactions to scenarios, sleep quality and more. Meditation is an exercise that overflows peace and serenity throughout the human body releasing all the tension being held. Through practice, people across the globe are taking the time to clear their minds and open up their hearts and souls.

With only ten minutes a day of meditation, you can energize your mind and body. This allows your body to reset in difficult times of stress or even to just prepare for any tasks at hand.

In this era of music, one of the most common ways to find harmony in your meditative practices is by including sounds and music. It is known to provide an easier way to relax. The natural overlap between meditation and music encourages the relief of stress through deep breathing and the release of overloaded thoughts.

Not sure where to start? Here are six steps to get you started meditating and implementing it in your day-to-day lifestyle.

Sound meditation through singing bowls | @consciousdesign

Find a Safe Space

To clear your mind and relax your body, finding a space where you can freely relax is the first step in starting your meditative journey. Make sure you have enough room to sit or lay down comfortably without any items obstructing your space.

Use Guided Meditation Apps

Guided meditations are the best way to get started. Apps such as Calm, Headspace and Better Me are a great way to commence your journey. You can also integrate your favorite music in the process, this will give you a feeling of haven within your space.

Outdoor meditation practices with the sounds of nature | William Farlow

Block Out the Noise

Using headphones blocks out any outside noise from interrupting your session. It is important to be able to disconnect from the space you are in, most efficiently.

Meditate for 5 Minutes a Day

The common problem individuals face when they are first starting is meditating for long periods––or trying to. When you aren’t used to clearing your mind for long periods, it can get frustrating when unwanted thoughts come across. Starting at 5 minutes and adding time with practice gives your mind time to process the emptiness it will experience.


Use your meditation time as your time away from all your problems. Once you master the practice, your lifestyle will change for the better. Sometimes we have to learn to clear our minds to build the healthy lifestyle we often long for.

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