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Swag Spotlight

March 31, 2021 Share

At DDW, we love a little luxury! That’s why, each week, we select the very best gadgets, beauty, homeware, apparel and more on the market to present to our readers. 

Here are a few of this week’s favourites…

Junghan’s Meister Chronoscope Leather Watch

If there’s one thing that everyone needs, it’s a beautifully designed watch. The perfect complement to every outfit and a piece that can stay with you for years, you can tell a lot about the person from the watch that they keep around their wrist. 

If you’re yet to find the perfect watch for you, we might just have it right here. 

The Junghan’s Meister Chronoscope Leather Watch has everything you could ask for from a luxury timepiece. Beautifully crafted, from the strong leather straps to the delicate intricacy of the watch face itself, this piece keeps simplicity and elegance at the core of its design. However, functionality is still key to the quality of this piece – the face features date and day windows, alongside three chronograph sub-dials. 

Smartwatches are one thing, but smart watches are quite another – the Junghan’s Meister Chronoscope Leather Watch fits very firmly into the latter category. 

 The One Vitamin C Immunity

We all know the importance of taking vitamins daily in order to boost our immune systems and keep ourselves in the best possible health that we can – and vitamin C is one of the first key vitamins that comes to mind. 

Over at The Nue Co., they believe they may have finally solved this problem. The IMMUNITY 100% vitamin C capsules deliver this all-important boost to your system in maximum volume by working hand-in-hand with further ingredients in the form of Turkey Tail Mushrooms and Black Pepper Fruit Extract. 

However, did you know that when ingesting over 1g of vitamin C in supplement form, your body likely absorbs less than 50% of these key minerals? 

Stay healthy, feel your best – thanks to IMMUNITY, it’s never been simpler. 

Mila Smart Air Purifier

Fresh, clean air has such a long-lasting and important impact on our health, so it’s incredibly beneficial to ensure that the air within our homes and offices is just as pure as the air out in vast open spaces. The Mila Smart Air Purifier will deliver this and more. 

With an exceptionally powerful clean air delivery rate of 447 CADR m3/hr, the Mila is able to freshen the air in rooms up to 1000 sq ft. with ease, filtering away dust, allergens, smoke, pollution and viruses that could be harmful to you and those sharing your space. 

However, it isn’t just an effective air purifying system, it’s a smart one, too – the Mila adjusts its power setting based on whether you are in the room at the time, using the opportunity to deep clean the air when you aren’t present. You can even adjust these settings from anywhere via your phone using the Mila app, where you can also ask Mila for a summary of the air cleanliness within the room.

It also helps that the Mila looks great, too – sleek, minimalist and compact enough to make a subtle addition to any space. 

OTO CBD Amplify Body Oil

The calming qualities of CBD have been researched a great deal in recent years, with the cannabis extract having been proven to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress. For that reason, it’s grown astronomically in popularity over the last decade. 

So, why not introduce the naturally medicinal qualities of CBD into your own life – and into your beauty and wellness routine – with the OTO CBD Amplify Body Oil?

This product has been created with tranquillity in mind, blending powerful essential oils such as bitter orange, kanuka and bergamot with 1000mg of CBD. Massaged gently into the skin after a hot shower, it’s sure to feel you leaving relaxed, peaceful and with soft, clear skin. 

SONOS Roam Wireless Speaker

SONOS invites you to take powerful sound everywhere with the Roam wireless speaker. This high-spec soundbar delivers the best quality of sound wherever you happen to be, connected to your smart home network whilst in the house and syncing automatically with your phone as soon as you leave. 

The SONOS Roam Wireless Speaker also allows the user to link the soundbar up to your current smart-home sound system, allowing you to play music throughout the house. As we look forward to being able to gather friends in our homes for dinner, drinks and parties, this is the sort of tool that everybody needs!
Don’t forget, these are just five products from our Swag selection, updated daily with a truly incredible range of items – be sure to check it out for more.

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