The Fr!da House: Puerto Rico’s Upcoming Beauty
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The Fr!da House: Puerto Rico’s Upcoming Beauty

February 24, 2022 Share

The Island of Puerto Rico is home to beautiful travel destinations and features astonishing scenic views in the Caribbean. Despite natural disasters destroying the island for the past few years, natives are continuing to build to serve the native community and tourists.

2022 has begun with the development of the House of Fr!da led by CEO and founder Leonor Andreu. House of Fr!da is a curated wellness community that provides travel and wellness tourism and concierge services for travellers and locals who seek holistic, organic, and heart-centred experiences. The Boutique guesthouse will expand into a hotel and includes a nonprofit space, event space, restaurant, art studio, and farm-to-table offerings.

If you’re looking for wellness services, the House of Fr!da focuses on Ayurveda, homoeopathic and non-traditional healing, yoga, meditation, permaculture education and more. Their niche clients will expand to all demographics who enjoy wellness experiences, attunement with nature and spirituality and bliss.

House of Fr!da view
Caribbean Island is home to unique travel destinations | Photo by Matthew Brodeur

Their mission is to provide holistic wellness and travel services to their clients that will not only impact their lives but also their communities. Their mantra states, “Whole people heal people.”

The community services will include personal coaching, guesthouse rates, yoga, meditation, breathwork, permaculture consulting, sound baths, farm-to-table culinary experiences, yoni steaming, homoeopathic consultations and more.

House of Fr!da will serve both the tourist and island native community, with hopes to uplift the natural disasters of the island and help bring community values back into place.

In collaboration with the non-profit under development Keys of Passion, both communities will work together to help heal families and individuals undergoing hardships. The collaboration will integrate meditation and wellness practices, financial literacy and personal growth practices into their teachings.

House of Fr!da
The community of Puerto Rico | Photo by Zixi Zhou 

From agriculture to personal healing, this development is transforming land into an incredible wellness paradise. Inspired by Frida Khalo, the Fr!da House stands toward helping individuals find their empowerment, freedom, independence, honest and truthful selves.

Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, you will be able to find antiques, farm animals, agriculture, boho-chic-inspired looks and unique artwork at the Intentional Lux Wellness Community & Guesthouse of the House of Fr!da set to open in January of 2023.

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