Meet TTSWTRS: The Ukrainian Brand That Celebrities Love
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Meet TTSWTRS: The Ukrainian Brand That Celebrities Love

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The well-known Ukrainian brand, TTSWTRS (tattoosweaters) turned celebrity cult favourite is a collaborative project where art entangles with clothes.

TTSWTRS is more than skin deep. Birthed in 2013 by Anna Osmekhina, a former costume designer, fashion editor and stylist, the brand’s evolution is pushing the futuristic boundaries of humanity and artistry while keeping all of Earth’s creations at the core of its DNA.

Ana Osmekhina | Courtesy of TTSWTRS

Starting from a small team of enthusiasts creating clothes as if for themselves, the brand has since then grown into a world-known phenomenon, worn by Nicki Minaj, Kourtney Kardashian, Irina Shayk, Winnie Harlow, Lena Perminova, Nina Kraviz, Sita Abellan, Lisa Owen, Tommy Cash, Vera Brezhneva, Ksenia Sobchak, and many others.

TTSWTRS has its own Kyiv-based manufacturing factory and printing workshop, showrooms in Kyiv, and Moscow. The brand is selling in more than 12 stores all over the world. 

Courtesy of TTSWTRS

Anna Osmekhina said of the concept of TTSWTRS that it “appeared by a fateful incident that got me involved in the exciting subculture of tattoos.” She continued My friend was in a relationship with a tattoo artist who had his whole body covered with tattoos and acted god-like and almighty. I was so thrilled and inspired by his energy that we created a capsule of sweatshirts with the working title ‘tattoosweaters’. The first collection was instantly sold in the legendary Colette. And the rest, as they say, is history. To this moment TTSWTRS has collaborated with 15 multidisciplinary artists and photographers.”

In 2021, TTSWTRS said level-up; by unsubscribing to outdated fashion industry codes, the brand has reduced its collection size, unfollowed the typical fashion calendar, and holds itself to not producing a product if there is no reason for it to exist. Growing from the almighty inspiration of a tattooed body and its artist, the list of collaborators has expanded to highlight the works of international 3D digital designers, architectures, and sound designers, becoming the ultimate culturally collaborative brand.

Courtesy of TTSWTRS
Courtesy of TTSWTRS

TTSWTRS products are meant to question where the clothing ends and the body begins, stimulating the eye with its illusionary prints and designs. Concepts concerning the perception of tattooed second skin, interpretations of our descendants’ energy, or the sheer strength of a Woman facing an Artificial Intellect all lead right back to the power of humankind, artistically communicated through high-quality pieces.

In light of the humanitarian crisis currently ongoing in Ukraine, please check here for ways that you can help as a foreigner.

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