Meet Bobkova: A Showcase Of Timeless Minimalism
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Meet Bobkova: A Showcase Of Timeless Minimalism

March 16, 2022 Share

In between asking the fashion industry to take action as fashion month continued as usual a mere two-and-a-half hours away from the war in Paris last week, Ukrainian designers, including Bobkova, are trying their best to stay afloat.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin continues his attack on Ukraine, members of the fashion industry are increasingly following in the footsteps of their Ukrainian counterparts and speaking out. To help support Ukrainian designers during these trying times, we’d like to introduce you to Bobkova, a label to support both during and after the war.

Bobkova is a Ukrainian clothing brand founded by Kristina Bobkova in 2000. Kristina graduated from The Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, and by the age of 23, she had founded her own line of clothes under her namesake label. Kristina became renowned among other Ukrainian designers for her trendy knitwear and asymmetrical cuts.

Kristina Bobkova | Courtesy of Gogola Agency

Bobkova has been a favourite of Ukrainian ladies since its inception. For more than 20 years, the brand has been one of Ukraine’s most prominent fashion labels, known for its classical, elegant, and minimalistic designs, as well as its complexion in cutting, transformative elements, and distinctive Japanese cut discipline.

Courtesy of Gogola Agency
Courtesy of Gogola Agency
Courtesy of Gogola Agency

Bobkova has been a permanent member of Ukrainian Fashion Week since 1998, showcasing ready-to-wear collections each season. Bobkova is also a permanent member at WHITE show (Milan) and Fashion Coterie (NYC).

Bobkova offers its own idea for casual clothes. Kristina creates things that are relevant regardless of time and situation for smart, creative, but practical women who spend much of their time travelling and enjoy its simplicity to the full, as well as the unique features of the chosen style. Special attention is paid to footwear, handbags and hand-made accessories. The brand also redefines clothing gender stereotypes and offers items that support the desire to declare strength and femininity. 

Courtesy of Gogola Agency
Courtesy of Gogola Agency

In light of the humanitarian crisis currently ongoing in Ukraine, please check here for ways that you can help as a foreigner.

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