Manor House Where Audrey Hepburn Played Sabrina Hits The Market
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Manor House Where Audrey Hepburn Played Sabrina Hits The Market

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This remarkable manor house, which caught the attention of classical film fans back in 1954, where the popular movie Sabrina was filmed, starring Audrey Hepburn, is listed for $11 million today. It is perfect for someone looking to embrace the Georgian manor like never before.

“This was as close to heaven as one could get on Long Island,” said Sabrina Fairchild (Audrey Hepburn) when describing the mansion belonging to the Larrabee family, where she grew up.

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As an actress and style icon, Audrey Hepburn was one of the few cinema stars to truly touch Americans. She co-starred with Humphrey Bogart and William Holden in the 1954 film Sabrina, which was the last Billy Wilder film for Paramount Pictures, and played the daughter of a chauffeur of a wealthy family.

The events of the movie, embracing the threatened love story between the chauffeur’s daughter and her father’s rich employer, took place in the fictional family’s cinematic home that was a gracious red brick house built in Rye, New York in 1917. Dubbed “The Anchorage,” this stunning luxurious mansion is currently on the market for $11 million. According to, it is also the first time in more than 20 years that the large house has been for sale. In 1999, when it was last sold, it brought in $6.475 million.

The interiors of The Anchorage were undoubtedly suitable for the silver screen, even though the Larrabee estate in Sabrina was nothing more than a studio-built set! The formal dining and living areas are grand, elegant, and spacious, resembling ballrooms you might find at a posh hotel rather than a private home.

The eminent architect Mott B. Schmidt and the landscape architect Ellen Biddle Shipman created the Georgian manor. With almost six acres and an additional four and a half riparian acres, the waterfront estate is currently regarded as Westchester County’s largest preserved riverfront Sound Shore property. Westchester County in New York is well-known for suburban luxury living with easy access to first-rate urban facilities and has some of the most exclusive real estate in the nation.

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With its chequered marble flooring, finely carved crown moulding, curved staircase, and water vistas, the grand entry hall of this mansion is designed with a level of elegance not generally found in homes today.

The Manor house, with 9,437 square feet, is a shining example of classical architecture. It includes eight bathrooms and seven bedrooms. Before arriving at the main home, it is situated at the end of a protracted driveway that provides breathtaking views of the water. Try to widen your imagination to create a picture of a private beach, a walled pool terrace, a detached barn/garage, and a guest cottage with boat storage all gathered at the same property!

Manor House-outdoor
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Inside, A view of the water may be seen from the marble entrance hall’s curved stairway. As you keep walking, you get more and more amazed by the wood-burning fireplaces in the formal living and dining rooms, private library, and private study. Two east and west sunrooms with identical balconies above encircle a terrace and terraced lawn on the seaside.

Manor House-Staircase
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There are large formal rooms with elaborate mouldings, wood, brick herringbone flooring, etc. Throughout, French doors let in natural light and let visitors take in the breathtaking views of the waterfront and the property’s undulating landscape. When you step inside, you find an amazing path that leads directly to the sea as well as a sweeping curved staircase leading upstairs in the large marble entry hall.

In addition to a private library with magnificent woodwork and its own fireplace, the house offers formal living and dining rooms with wood-burning fireplaces. The balconies above the east and west sunrooms match, and the chef’s kitchen is equipped with all the amenities one might need.

For entertainment, the large kitchen, walk-in pantry, and butler’s pantry are perfect. From the mudroom, a second door leads to the walled kitchen garden and covered porch. A multipurpose space with a private bath next to it can be utilised as a recreation area, a pool cabana, or a first-floor bedroom for people who prefer one-level living.

Manor House-Bathroom
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The home’s bedrooms are just as beautiful. There are two full bathrooms, a lot of closet and storage space, and two full fireplaces in the main suite. The west balcony can also be accessed. Additional unusual areas may be found on the third floor, including a skylit yoga or fitness studio, a full bathroom, and a tonne of extra storage. There is a game room and a tonne of extra storage in the basement, which also has a tonne of extra space.

Two full bathrooms, two fireplaces, several closets, and access to the west balcony are all included in the main suite. Five extra bedrooms, three bathrooms, three flexible spaces, two fireplaces, the east balcony, and several closets are also located on the second floor. A skylit fitness/yoga studio, a very contemporary and much sought-after facility, is located on the third floor. Additionally, a full bathroom and additional storage are located on this floor.

Manor House-Bed room
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The property has nice patios and terraces that lead outside, but The Anchorage’s additional outside areas are breathtaking. The property also has a walled pool deck, a private beach, and a guest cottage with boat storage. An independent barn serves as a garage.

The house briefly went on the market in March for $12.5 million, according to the New York Post. It appears, nevertheless, that there has been a slight discount recently. As described by Forbes, “the Anchorage is a piece of classic movie history. It is also a gracious and timeless piece of classic architecture.”

Manor House-sun room
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A random, yet interesting  note

Did you know that Sabrina movie had a re-make movie in 1995, with Julia Ormond in Audrey Hepburn’s role and Harrison Ford in Humphrey Bogart’s? The house where it was filmed did not receive as much attention as Manor house, but let’s admit it, the original movie can never be replaced, so there is no place for comparison in the first place. And this brings us to the conclusion that real successful classics are the greatest marketing weapon as they never die along the generations. I mean, look at that $11 million manor house!

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