People You Should Know About From Forbes’ 30 under 30
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People You Should Know About From Forbes’ 30 under 30

March 20, 2023 Share

Narrowing down the coveted 30 under 30 Forbes list for all things investment, business and money making.

Every year, finance magazine Forbes unveils a select group of game-changers who are shaping the world as we know it. The coveted “30 Under 30” list spans a diverse range of industries, including art, technology, media, healthcare, and countless others… but don’t be fooled by the name, as this impressive roster actually includes a whopping 600 individuals, with 30 standout leaders in each of its 20 categories. It is overwhelmingly comprehensive.

While we can’t possibly shine a spotlight on every deserving young luminary, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to sift through the impressive ranks and showcase the cream of the crop, at least when it comes to investment, business and money making. Ladies and gentlemen, compiling the top 2 candidates of each of the retail and e-commerce, consumer tech, venture capital and finance categories, may we introduce you to 2023’s brightest minds, in North America.

Retail & E-Commerce

Steven Vasilev

Image courtesy of Forbes

Steven Vasilev is the Metaverse’s fashion designer. As the mastermind behind RTFKT, the 26-year old has worked alongside Nike to bring street-style hype into the world of NFTs and 3 dimensional coding.

JT Garwood, Jack Miller

Is it cheating to include not one, but two people on the list? Unsure, but JT Garwood, Jack Miller certainly deserve to be part of the coveted ranking. Their company, bttn, helps hospitals and healthcare facilities to order medical supplies at more transparent price points.

Consumer Technology

Michael Broughton, Ayush Jain

Credits scores are serious business, and low-cost subscriptions have the ability to boost these. This is the principle behind Altro, founded by Michael Broughton and Ayush Jain. When customers link these subscriptions to their Altro bill, the company alerts credit bureaus to boost their scores. Ingenious, to say the least.

Vicente Zavarce

Image courtesy of La Estrella de Panama

Vicente Zavarce is behind Yummy, Venezuela’s first on-demand delivery app. Now operating in four different countries, Yummy has four million registered users and completes 800,000 orders a month.


Ham Ham Serunjogi

Image courtesy of Mebfaber

Serunjogi is the founder of Chipper Cash, a company designed to send money overseas to Africa, and currently being used in seven different nations. The company tackled the difficulties of sending money amongst African countries, and hit a valuation of $2.2 billion in November 2021.

Hayden Adams

Hayden Adams is in the world of Crypto, more specifically behind Uniswap Labs. As one of the more well-used applications in the crypto scene, Adam’s company surpassed $1 trillion in lifetime trading volume. Whew.

Venture Capital

David Brillembourg Jr.

David Brillembourg Jr. is one of the younger ones on the list. At 24 years of age, he’s the mastermind behind Dune Ventures, who back entrepreneurs in all things video gaming and streaming. He says it himself, he grew up playing video games and knows everything about them; legitimate example of how to turn one’s passion into one’s income.

Maya Bakhai

Image courtesy of Find Your Diya

Maya is behind Spice Capital, an early stage fund for things like capital, crypto and community. You might also know her form her podcast, Illuminati Interns, or some of her musicals and short films. Talk about jack of all trades.

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