A $28.5 Home Once Belonging to Mark Wahlberg is Up For Sale
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A $28.5 Home Once Belonging to Mark Wahlberg is Up For Sale

November 30, 2022 Share

Mark Wahlberg and his 9,000 square foot home is up for grabs. Have you got a spare $28.5 million lying around in your bank account?

Imagine falling asleep under the same roof that the lead actor of Ted used to look up to every night before bed. Cooking in the kitchen where (he most likely didn’t cook himself), but still called his own. Play golf in his very own home green. If you have a spare $28.5 million, your dreams may very well come true.

Image courtesy of Tyler Hogan
Image courtesy of Tyler Hogan

Bought by the actor back in 2001 for a scarce $5 million, only to be remodelled in 2013 for $10.3 million and then re-purchased in 2018 for $12.4 million – this house has massively fluctuated in price over the years according to the Wall Street Journal. Call it inflation, investment, or both, it is likely to grow even more and serve as a fine property for those looking to expand their portfolios.

Built in 1984, the house is well equipped. We’re talking about a two-bedroom guest house, five bedrooms, a putting green, outdoor kitchen, pool (with waterslide), gym and boxing ring. The only thing missing is a supermarket and you’d practically never need to leave.

Image courtesy of Tyler Hogan

In terms of location, it doesn’t get better than this. Located in an elegant gated community in the prestigious 90210, Mark Wahlberg’s old home is surrounded by properties where home prices average at $7.15 million. But this home seems to be all the more special.

“On top of being a gorgeous remodel with all of the bells and whistles including a resort-style pool and grotto, a huge movie theater and full sports court, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a property in Beverly Hills that offers a stand-alone 2,300-square-foot gym with a full boxing ring,” spoke Compass agent Myles Lewis in a press statement.

As for the design, brand new wooden floors compliment a home which is currently staged with contemporary accents and more rustic framing. All in tones of beige, browns, blacks and white, the property is in excellent condition to be decorated as one pleases. Then there’s the garden, which with is latest remodelling feels more like a water theme park (a tasteful one, of course), than somebody’s backyard. With the state-of-the-art gym included, Mark Wahlberg and his old home feels somewhat like the training grounds for some high profile actor leading an action movie.

Image courtesy of Tyler Hogan
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