Inside The $58.8 Million Malibu Mansion Up For Grabs
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Inside The $58.8 Million Malibu Mansion Up For Grabs

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A six bedroom and ten bathroom Malibu mansion with a Balinese feel to its architecture is looking for a new owner. Any volunteers wiling to pay 58.8 million for it?

There’s a new home up for grabs in the star-spangled neighbourhood. Known for it’s opulent mansions which slope gently into sandy pacific beaches, Malibu is one of the world’s most exclusive sea-side communities, a location chosen by several high profile homeowners. With an average sale of $1.38K per square foot, it’s certainly not a luxury affordable by everyone, so when a new mansion goes out into the market priced at $2,500 per square foot, it certainly sparks interest.

Image courtesy of Simon Berlyn

This mansion we’re talking about is big – enough to be 4,100 square feet bigger than its runner up for the title of Malibu’s largest property. Six bedrooms, ten bathrooms and 16,600 square feet of Bali inspired architecture make this a premium un the Malibu real estate scene, which price it at a whopping $58,808,00.

Kaizen House, the given name to the Malibu mansion, is perched atop the Pacific Coast highway, enjoying with ocean front views amidst all its luxury. It’s dramatic entrance, featuring two carved statues and an overhand dotted with star-studded lights, gets illuminated with fire and beckons an opulent owner. This, paired with the large wall detailing in the building’s entrance, position the property at a premium in material selection. This make it an rchitectural gem in a neighbourhood of luxury homes which are often lacking an element of modernity Kaizen House certainly boasts of.

Image courtesy of Simon Berlyn
Image courtesy of Simon Berlyn

As for the Malibu mansion and its star feature, this house contains a hidden inner courtyard decorated with exotic plants and none other than a koi fish pond. As a backdrop? An intricately carved stone mural. Other noteworthy elements include some moving doors which open at the press of a button to provide an indoor-outdoor living space, a large aquarium and bamboo covered onyx countertops in the kitchen. Oh, and two kitchens too, because behind the main one there is a second one hidden for the new owner’s private chef.

According to CBNC, the lot was first purchased by its current owner back in 2018, for $5.4 million, only to list it in March for $74.8 million after the completion of the house. No initial interested buyers brought the price down, still averaging much higher than the usual square meterage for the area.

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