Kick Off Your Loafers At Costa Smeralda The Emerald In Italy
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Kick Off Your Loafers At Costa Smeralda The Emerald In Italy

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Hugging the shoreline of Southern Sardinia is the horseshoe-shaped Costa Smeralda that stretches for miles on end. Famous for its crystal clear waters and very exclusive places like Porto Cervo, the island attracts A-list beach hunters thousand times over.

Costa Smeralda may be the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea, but it is notorious for sailing and an excellent escape for the rich and famous. Celebrity super-yachts flood the charming town of Porto Cervo in the summer months and create an alternate utopian universe for Europe’s bourgeois to rub shoulders with. 

While we don’t know what it is about rocks, sand and the sea but whenever a town is embraced by the warm and salty waters of the Mediterranean – A-listers cannot get enough.

Costa Smeralda
Porto Rotondo, a luxury marina on Costa Smeralda. Pinterest.

Costa Smeralda is known as the second playground for the elite (after Monaco, of course). With its name translating to ‘the emerald coast’ emulating its bejewelled tone waters, pristine white sands and tropical landscape – it seems like there is so much more to exploring a coastal retreat than getting your pasty legs out to tan.

Not to mention it’s packed with luxurious gigantic resorts and an abundance of Mediterranean, Italian and Sardinian cuisine. When it comes to resting your crown for the night, the list for the ultimate bed and spa resort is longer than the English Queen’s reign on the throne – but we recommend sticking to the roots of the unique island and signing up for the Porto Cervo Hotel.

Costa Smeralda
Sky-high view of the Porto Cervo Hotel. Photo from

This luxurious seaside resort perched on the most northeastern section of Costa Smeralda overlooks the mega-yacht docked marina so that you can hop, skip and jump your way onto yours. With nothing less than five stars, it’s easy to see why this location is labelled one of the most top-notch resort cities in the world. 

The isolated empire allows its guests to feel right at home with stores like Gucci and Louis Vuitton on your doorstep. It’s the centre of social life, with bars, restaurants and foot-tapping nightclubs. 

Park your supercar alongside the ceramic-like walls of the building fitted with white archways, and experience a charming, airy and bright piece of luxury right smack bang on Costa Smeralda – where even the name sounds rich.

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