Glamping Getaways | The Worlds Most Luxurious Locations 2021
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Glamping Getaways | The Worlds Most Luxurious Locations 2021

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It’s clear that there is a vast monumental event taking place right before our eyes and if every little thing that happens affects our future in one way or the other, the same goes for this. Only this time, the change is more prominent. 

Faced with an array of ever-changing possibilities and travel restrictions, people are now choosing to stay closer to nature for their holidays. The rise in more localised travel is a positive outlook for the environment.

For example, things like camping, trekking, swimming and outdoor adventure lifestyles will be more valued as a safe, seamless and authentic experience. 

Along with road trips, country escapes and villa holidays are other booming trends that are at the forefront of the evolving industry. Free movement around countryside towns with big open spaces and a reduced number of people are drawing in travellers and families. 

Villa holidays, on the other hand, offer both space and seclusion, and rentals have rocketed in popularity this year. A home-from-home or self-catering unit suggests more people are moving away from the hotel industry into places where they can stay for prolonged periods, at their own risk. 

Families wishing to break away from the four walls of their home are craving wide-open spaces and are longing for something different. Camping or ‘glamping’ holidays are now increasing in interest for people looking to immerse themselves in the wild. People are even looking into conservation holidays as an option.

‘Glamping’, commonly known as glamorous camping, is the prodigy of luxury and experimental travel. It’s all about stepping off the beaten path and stepping out of your comfort zone or back into it. Camping gives people a chance to deeply connect with the world, and glamping allows you to walk where others have not. From cubes to pods, huts and cottages, tents and teepees to villas and treehouses, luxurious camping has the ability to coexist with any structure, leaving an everlasting impression. 

Experiencing a holiday where you are surrounded by the sight and sounds of mother nature puts your mind and well-being first. 

Being able to stay in a quality accommodation is what experiencing luxury in nature is all about. Most of the structures are solid and very well insulated.

If you are unsure whether to stay in a hotel or pitch a tent for a break, glamping is a great middle option to go for to embrace nature whilst still feeling safe and comfortable.

Here are some of the top luxurious glamping destinations in the world: 

Glamping at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Canada


Situated on the island of Vancouver in Canada, the Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is one of the richest camping experiences to try. Accessible only by seaplane, the lodge is set among a forest of conifer trees. The camp has 25 canvas tents that offer contemporary styled interiors to complement its local artisan-designed pieces within. 

Every tent is equipped with a range of activities including scuba gear and fishing equipment. They also offer active activities like yoga classes, archery in the woods, kayaking and bear watching. The area is also famous for its famous five: whales, bears, bald eagles, sea lions and otters. 

The resort includes a Healing Grounds Spa suited for both physical and spiritual restorative treatments, which comes with hot tubs, saunas and massage chairs. This high-end summer camp also includes meals from Executive Chef, Asher Blackford, who uses premium sustainable, locally grown and foraged ingredients to offer a real taste of the destination. 

Their policy includes either a three, four, seven or ten-night stay with prices averaging from $3,900 per person, per night.

Glamping at Four Seasons Tented Golden Triangle in Thailand


Surrounding northern Thailand, in Chiang Rai, is the famous Four Seasons Tented Golden Triangle camp. Known for its elephant sanctuary and jungle spa, this camp is only accessible by boat. They offer personalised guided activities and expeditions, as well as massage classes and unique cocktail making.

The camp has large comfortable tents with rustic contemporary interiors. This includes copper bathtubs, outdoor showers and cuisine from Southeast Asia. Activities include hiking, elephant treks, swimming, wine tasting and even local shopping.

Their policy includes customised two, three and four-night stays with as many activities included as you wish. Prices average from $2,467 per night.

Glamping  at Soneva Fushi in the Maldives


Famous for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters, anyone looking for a beach getaway should visit the Soneva Fushi on the island Kunfunadhoo in the Maldives. Surrounded by one of the most incredible coral reefs in the world, these luxury tents even offer private butlers at your service. 

From snorkelling, fishing, surfing and sandbank dinners to glass blowing and a Six Senses Spa, the options are endless for relaxation. There are nine restaurants to dine at that cater to vegetarian, plant-based, pescatarian, kosher and halal. 

With a range of resorts or camps to choose from, Soneva Fushi is famous for its couple’s experience, and the resort has a private sandbank in the middle of the ocean suited for an intimate dinner. 

It is accessible from Velana International Airport, seaplane or boat; the island even offers space for most medium-sized private jets. 

Prices to stay at the resort average from $1,480 per night. 

Glamping at Minaret Station in New Zealand

The Minaret Station, pinned in New Zealand, is placed at the head of a glacier valley near Lake Wanaka. It is known to be one of the most secluded and private luxury alpine lodges in the world. Accessible by helicopter only, this remote lodge is positioned 3,000ft high up, surrounded by breath-taking mountain views. 

Guests can enjoy high-country interior designs with king-sized beds and hot tubs. With four chalets in total, the accommodation in tents is made out of sheepskin. In the centre of it all is a communal mountain kitchen. The chefs use the freshest local ingredients and are all sourced from Minaret Stations’ own 50,000-acre working farm as well as a range of seafood.

Activities include helicopter tours, hiking, fly fishing, jet boating and even hunting trips.

Their policy is catered to groups or couples for an average of $1,177 per night.

Glamping at Chiawa Camp in Zambia

Located in the Zambezi National Park in Zambia, the multi-award-winning Chiawa Camp is known to offer the best safaris on the entire African continent. Attached to the Zambezi River, its scenic views of the wilderness are a spectacle in itself.

Each tent is dressed in rich African culture, and guests can expect to see resident wildlife at their doorstep. Nature includes elephants, lions, leopards, hippos and much more. 

They are renowned for their excellent cuisine and are often described as an Afro/Euro fusion, catering for healthy living with a variety of some indulgence.

Zambia’s premier luxury safari camp offers up a diverse range of activities. From game drives to heart-stopping game walks as well as canoeing, boating and angling.

Prices to stay at the camp average from $1,300 per night. 

There is no question that sustainable nature-based living will become ever more popular than before. Luxurious camping is a great way to escape from reality for a while. 

Glamping capitulates the idea that you can still experience luxury in the wilderness. 

It involves high-end expensive camping grounds featuring all the amenities one could want while still enjoying a few nights in the middle of nature under the stars. 

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