Here’s Why Venice Should Be On Your Travel List This Fall 
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Here’s Why Venice Should Be On Your Travel List This Fall 

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The floating city of Venice, Italy, famous for gondolas, canals, historic palaces and churches, is a must-see during September. With high waters, minimal crowds and autumnal colours, step onto a private island made just for you.

Nestled inside the cove of a Venetian lagoon is an island connected to the mainland by an umbilical cord of essential travel. As it rose from the sea bed thanks to the local aristocrats of the decade, the fellow merchants never would have imagined creating an impossible city with indescribable wealth. Welcome to Venice – Italy’s city of bridges.

Even though you could cross the strip of road and linear causeway, you probably recognise the views of the slightly crumbling palaces smeared with paint as bright as the turquoise water from its Grand Canal. Venice has long been hailed as the most breathtaking city in all its luxury.  

Venice, Grand Canal. Photo from Zicasso.

However, it is a popular destination year-round, with the city holding significant events like the carnival in winter or the Venice Film Festival in late summer. With celebrities and A-listers flocking the narrow streets, crossing paths with masked stalls and embracing the essence of floating gondolas, there is no denying that it can get slightly overwhelming with admiring addicts.

But if you take your time, the floating jewel will reward you with pure bliss. Between September and November, you could live out your secret city dream by experiencing an authentic local atmosphere, walking freely with minimal crowds and dressing to match those autumnal colours.

Most visits begin in the centre of San Marco, where you will find one of the world’s pigeon-loved squares – St Marks. Besides being able to witness some of the city’s finest architectural jewels like the Basilica, Giotto’s Bell Tower or the Columns of San Teodoro, the tall stretch of it all doesn’t particularly help when the waters rise in winter – another great reason why Fall is the best time to go.

Photo from Travel Passionate.

And when Venetians talk about ‘aqua altar, they mean the waters rise about two feet above the mean sea level. No one wants to stroll around wearing gumboots as you wade through the streets of Venice. 

The Italian hot spot has been intelligently designed to ensure no one gets lost. On the tiny island of Burano, legend has it that the fisherman painted their houses distinctive colours so they could find their way through the heavy fog in winter. If you stick to the canal’s arteries, you will always find your way back to any five-star luxury suite. 

Like St Regis or Belmond Hotel Cipriani, both prime places for you to rest your crown. It may be where celebrities go in Venice, but it’s also where everyone goes at least once in the city. Lounge around the pool alongside stars like Jay and Bey or eat like Dakota Johnson and Kirsten Dunst in the best patio restaurant Terrazza Danieli

Venice is your playground during Fall, so what are you waiting for?

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