Ibiza Is Set To Wow With the Launch of ASAL Restaurant & Bar
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Ibiza Is Set To Wow With the Launch of ASAL Restaurant & Bar

June 10, 2022 Share

ASAL Restaurant & Bar, a Multi-Million Euro Project, Is Gearing Up For The Launch Of An Incredible Culinary Adventure At The Ibiza Gran Hotel.

One of the consequences of becoming known for having some of the best nightlife in Europe and thus attracting a cool celebrity crowd is that Ibiza has some of the Mediterranean’s most hip, stylish, and inevitable luxury hotspots in the world. Whether that means plenty of built-in luxury, from pampering spas to gourmet food, lavish nightlife to exotic beaches, the beautiful party island in the Mediterranean is a travel hot spot to note. Most especially now with the Launch of ASAL Restaurant & Bar

Situated about 90 kilometers off the coast of Spain, millions of tourists year-round flock to Ibiza to take a well-deserved break under the warming sun, unwind, and most of all, experience the true essence of paradise. Famous for its music scene, the island also boasts a rich history with exciting architecture and stunning nature reserves but is also well remembered for its fine dining and hotel experiences. 

The bar and dining area during the evening. © 2022 Ibiza Gran Hotel. All rights reserved

However, there is something brewing inside the Ibiza Gran Hotel that has become quite the talk of the town. The hotel, the highest accommodation on the island, is a centralized five-star hub where guests can easily experience some of Ibiza Town’s most well-known attractions–just minutes away. Nestled within this indulgent escape is a new culinary adventure launching sooner than you think.

A brand new 500-square meter venue with an impressive entrance opposite Pacha – the epicenter of Ibiza’s high-end nightlife is opening its doors to the world on June 20, 2022. This is the new ASAL Restaurant & Bar venue. Award-winning interior designer David Alayeto created his Gaudí-inspired stylish curvature concepts to correlate with Ibiza’s sun, sea, and sand surroundings.

The main entrance view during the evening © 2022 Ibiza Gran Hotel. All rights reserved.

Guests can experience the sensation of lapping up the sun and washing in the waves at the island’s magnificent coves with his coral-like minimalistic impressions. Natural, yet sustainable, this luminous space welcomes all to experience a taste of the good life. Its three areas have a Pitiusan panorama and comprise the Garden Terrace, the Chef’s Saloon, and the DJ Lounge with its cocktail bar.

“The fusion of the different lifestyles and a unique concept of the island nightlife gives birth to the creation of ASAL. The inspiration that I evoke in the design of this project is the combination of the beauty of the island of Ibiza, with its light, Mediterranean Sea, and a modern but timeless touch.” – Interior Designer David Alayeto. 

A daytime view of the Ibiza Gran Hotel. Photo from Jet2Holiday.

According to their Instagram page, the multi-million euro project is set to wow everyone who steps into the impressive entrance that starts from the moment you set foot on the roadside gate. But when it comes to dining at ASAL, it’s not just the incredible interior that will be keeping guests glued to their seats – but it’s what will be leaving the kitchen. Two-star Michelin chef de cuisine Mario Sandoval (one of the world’s leading chefs) has created an Avant-grade Mediterranean menu using local Ibiza produce for the ASAL restaurant.

Aside from traditional Spanish cuisine, many restaurants serve food off the central coast of Spain; Ibizan cuisine is more typical of the distinct flavors of the Balearic Islands. As a genuine lover of the island – Chef Mario Sandoval embarks on this journey with enthusiasm and inspiration to bring a genuinely incredible gastronomic experience to Ibiza.

Bites of Mediterranean Kaiseki by Óscar Molina. Photo Assigned to Traveler.es.

With the launch night just days away, we look forward to seeing a “Mediterranean temple for the palate” hit Ibiza’s shores soon. ASAL started accepting reservations on May 23, 2022. To book a table, head to their website here for an experience of a lifetime. 

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