Discover The Crowning Glory For A Gentleman’s Hand
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Discover The Crowning Glory For A Gentleman’s Hand

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Gents, wearing rings has been around since the age of dawn, but there are a few rules when it comes to connecting your finger to these top-notch huggers.

Once you understand the fundamentals of wearing rings, you can bend and break the rules to your heart’s content. Still, as soon as you place a golden, silver, platinum or colourful exotic loop around your finger, it becomes a game-changer – and we are not talking about tying the knot. 

No matter the situation, you can always style your hands up or down with an accessory that ranges in versatility. It may be one of the most complex accessories to pull off – as they don’t serve any particular function, from minimalist to looking like a borderline mafia Godfather, what you wear on your fingers has the power to make a statement. 

Courtesy of Ape To Gentleman.

From chunky life-savers to smooth and sophisticated ring candies, diamond-encrusted Fendi’s, to a classic Cartier. Rings matter, whether we like it or not. When you ponder over your collection, choosing one with significance like Prince Charles’ golden signet, that’s happily living on his most petite finger, would be an excellent place to start.

If you want to make an eye-popping statement, ‘pinkie rings’ are a bold choice. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, thumb rings (oftern rare to see) symbolise wealth and are thicker and chunky in size. A band on your index finger represents power and control, and of course, anything on the ring finger means you are socially being judged in the club.  

Moving swiftly onto the toughest of them all – the middle finger. Any piece of jewellery on this one showcases your “responsibility and stability”. However, many people choose to leave that one free, as balancing out rings on all ten fingers could lead to a stylised risk network on the road to disaster. 

Harry Styles is often pictured wearing multiple rings | Source: Goodnessfind.
Courtesy of C.O on Pexels.
Courtesy of Ron Lach.
Courtesy of Nialaya Jewelry.

Nobody wants that webbed hand look unless you can pull off a Harry Styles moment and go big or go home.

But what about style? The most staple pieces are silver, gold, brass, black and platinum but matching metals with your skin tone is key to keeping you looking clean and uncluttered. For example, if you choose to go for one simple and two wild rings, match these with a simple statement piece like a necklace or watch to get viewers eyes bouncing. 

So, whether taking advice from Bruno Mars with his pinky ring or going all-out like Johnny Depp, let your personality shine with accessories that make a statement, tell a story and ooze with style.

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