A Look At The Cartier Dragon Mystery Watch Dripping With White Gold
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A Look At The Cartier Dragon Mystery Watch Dripping With White Gold

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When it comes to looking at some of the world’s finest timepieces, there is undoubtedly no time quite like the present. An 18k White Gold unisex watch from French luxury jeweller and watchmaker Cartier is a mystery watch dripping with the future.

When it comes to watches in general, all high-class watches are mechanical and operate smoothly due to the perfectly placed spring that creates the movement. These are wound by a crown that sticks on the side of the watch.

The most expensive parts that make up the watch lies within the face of the watch’s face and the tourbillion, the axil that increases accuracy and creates balance.

Dragons have been the ultimate fantasy creature in Western mythology. Dragons are the quintessential wicked fantasy creatures winged firebreathing and highly hazardous to come into contact with – look at the characters in Harry Potter or The Game Of Thrones for proof.

 Cartier Dragon

However, Dragons do not fly in China as they are willful and powerful. According to Cultura Colectiva, “people choose dragons because of the power they represent. They are great and fearsome creatures, so they’re the perfect accessory on our skin.”

For this reason, Cartier recently designed a timepiece with a bejewelled dragon wearing a benign smile that coils around the bracelet and dial. And if you are thinking about purchasing this rare watch, it goes for $1.4 million. The protected animal of fantasy wraps itself around a mystery dial in a never before seen swirl of diamond display that creates a stand-out world phenomenon.

 Cartier Dragon

Unisex wristwatch and transparent dial come with a fixed 18k white gold bezel, an 18k white gold bracelet with a concealed 18k white gold double clasp, sapphire glass, and transparent case back. Its captivating presence also lures us with the dragon’s emerald green eyes. Cartier’s characteristic mysterious movement was incorporated into the watch, first created in 1912. The optical illusion shows how the hour and minute hand floating in space has no visual connection to the foundation. 

Between sculpting, mounting the stones, gem-cutting and cutting to measure, some 1,100 hours of work were required to bring this creation to life. Cartier has a net worth of $12.1 billion for a reason.

 Cartier Dragon
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Cartier Dragon
Cartier Dragon Mystery Watch
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