Common Types of Disney Cruise Line Accidents and Injuries
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Common Types of Disney Cruise Line Accidents and Injuries

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A lot of things can go right (and wrong) in a Disney Cruise. Read up on how to deal with any accidents you could have on board.

Disney is undoubtedly an internationally recognized brand that many people associate with their childhood, cartoons, and overall joy and harmlessness. Since the brand is so well known, hundreds of families regularly embark on their cruise line ships and travel around the world, but even a brand such as Disney cannot guarantee that there won’t be any incidents or accidents on their ships. In fact, Disney Cruise Lines received among the lowest rankings from Consumer Affairs.

The largest of their cruise ships can host up to 4,000 passengers, and some ships have even 14 decks. With so many strangers gathering in one big place for a lengthy period of time, you can expect anything to happen, especially since there aren’t only child-friendly themed amenities on these ships. There are also adult nightclubs and lounges, parties, and more.

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Whether you were a passenger or knew of a loved one that went on a Disney cruise line and got injured, you must contact a maritime lawyer immediately to settle your case. Read more here. All passengers sign various documents when embarking on these ships to limit the company’s liability in case something happens, but that does not make them completely immune. 

Also, knowing your rights and how to act can be difficult when you find yourself in foreign or international waters. Because of this, working with a maritime lawyer is essential. Here are some common types of Disney cruise line accidents and injuries you should know!

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents are among the most common maritime accidents that occur on cruise line ships. The ship’s staff is responsible for maintaining the floors clean and safe. Yet, when maintenance is conducted, the cleaning crew should always let passengers know that an area is slippery by posting signs or taking other safety measures.

Slip and fall accidents on cruise ships can be fatal because a passenger could fall off the ship. They can easily drown if they don’t know how to swim or hit themselves throughout their descent and fall unconscious.

In other instances, they can be attacked in the water. Even if the passenger doesn’t fall into the water, they can still suffer severe injuries based on how hard they fall and how. 

Slip and fall accidents can easily lead to broken bones, head trauma, spinal injuries, and others. When it comes to head trauma and spinal injuries, victims can develop complications, even life-long disabilities.

These types of accidents can also occur during power outages, which happened on a number of occasions on Disney line cruise ships. 

Food Poisoning

You could work with a maritime lawyer to press a personal injury claim if you were food poisoned during your Disney cruise line travel. Many cruise ships serve all sorts of foods for the delight of their passengers. However, food poisoning is common on ships. When it comes to Disney line cruises, there were two instances of norovirus outbreaks that affected hundreds of passengers many years ago.

Experiencing food poisoning could easily ruin all of your vacation, or you might develop some food intolerances as a consequence. 

Shore Excursion Accidents

Many cruise ships offer shore excursions for their passengers, and Disney comes in with plenty of themed parties. However, you can easily injure yourself during these excursions due to negligence, or your children can be targeted.

Since Disney is such an iconic brand for children, many predators often find ways to get to them, and there were a couple of situations where even Disney crew members engaged in sexual assaults.

What To Do If You Are Injured On a Disney Cruise Line Ship

If you sustained injuries on a Disney cruise line ship, it’s essential to inform crew members and seek immediate medical attention. If there are eyewitnesses, write down their contact information, and photograph the accident scene. 

Request a copy of your medical records and contact a maritime lawyer. You are entitled to compensation for your losses, but you must act quickly since there is a statute of limitations for personal injuries. The sooner you contact a lawyer and proceed with your case, the better. Also, keep in mind that most personal injury lawsuits settle outside of court. 

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