Here’s all the different AI Tools You Could Be Using
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Here’s all the different AI Tools You Could Be Using

March 1, 2023 Share

If AI robot tools are taking over, you might as well learn how to make the most of it.

A.I tools were an overnight success. We had all been hearing about it for a while, and the most tech-savvy amongst us may even remember logging onto CleverBot back in 2009 seeking some sort of AI companion – but 2023 has completely revolutionised our ideas of what exactly a bunch of complex code can achieve, and get up to.

Image courtesy of DeepMind

Out of the bunch, ChatGPT may be one of the most famous AIs out there. We’ve seen it tackle people’s cover letters, coding entire websites, creating food menus and doing all sorts of intricate work. People are torn; there’s a consensus (or better said, hope), that those who learn how to master these new tools and incorporate them into their own workflow will work better, faster and smarter. On the flip side of the coin, those that don’t make good use of the advancements risk falling behind at dizzying speeds.

Look at it the way you might, ChatGPT only scratches the surface.

For Image Creation: Dall.e 2

Image courtesy of Spaces of Code
Image courtesy of Spaces of Code

“Prompt engineers” is a term we’re likely going to be hearing more and more as AI takes over. It is particularly true and interesting with Dall.e 2, which creates images from a given prompt – a task which may sound relatively simple but requires dedicated perfection to produce beautiful imagery.

It’s not only prompt work though. Dall.e 2 lets you expand images, crop things out and do all sorts of imagery manipulation through a series of though-out commands. For once, an image is perhaps worth a thousand words – or prompts.

For Podcasts: Adobe Podcast

Launching your own podcast used to require an initial investment, but not anymore. Adobe Podcast is one of those AI tools that enhances your speech audio quality to studio-standards in just a few button clicks. It is scarily good at making your at-home microphone sound like one of those overpriced professional ones.

Quick word of warning: this software only works with speech.

For Marketing Purposes: Microsoft Designer

How long did a marketing campaign take a few years back? Granted we’re all familiar with the simplicity of Canva, and Instagram posts have never been easier to create and cater for, but there’s a new AI tool on the market which might revolutionise this even further. Subject to a waiting list, Microsoft Designer is best described as a prompt-based Canva.

For Royalty-Free Music: Beatoven

A video without music is like a cake without frosting: still enjoyable, but missing that special something that really brings it to life, but copyright is a quick way of making life a tad trickier. Cue in Beatoven, the new AI that quite literally generates royalty-free music for you.

For Vector Images: Illustroke

Quality vector images are a pain to find, and more often than not covered with a paywall that is often unrealistic or out of budget. Once again, not anymore. Ilustroke AI is here to save the day.

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