Solving The Tech Challenges of Travel
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Solving The Tech Challenges of Travel

January 17, 2023 Share

Here’s our advice on how to figure out your data and solve all your tech travel issues whenever you’re on the go.

When we travel it’s only natural to want to ignore any complications and focus on the potential fun and enjoyment around the corner. What we don’t want is to mess around with technology, bumbling through little things that we overlooked or underestimated. Too often we’ve seen travelers make avoidable mistakes with tech systems, but with a little foresight, it can be possible to get ahead of any issues which could otherwise hold you back.

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The Internet is not as Worldwide as it Seems

The world wide web was created with the idea of maximizing the sharing of information, but different countries have different ideas of what this means. Laws, cultural standards, and licensing can lead to situations where systems you use at home can fail to operate in another country. If you’re working, this issue can be devastating, but it can hamper fun too.

For those looking to minimise travel tech issues, we’d suggest investing in a VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN. These tools can essentially trick your internet connection into thinking it’s coming from another country, so you could run a website exactly like you would at home. VPNs for work are especially useful if you rely on data backups and cloud technology, which can hit roadblocks with international traffic.

In terms of fun, it can be best to look ahead to connect to web systems that are available within a host country. If you enjoy sports betting, for example, and you’re traveling to New Zealand, you could sign up for a service like William Hill New Zealand to ensure a smooth experience. This service is officially licensed in the country, while still accepting outside currencies alongside NZD like GBP and USD through multiple payment systems such as credit cards, Skrill, and PayPal. Additionally, it offers all of its experiences on mobile, desktop, and laptop systems, all of which have access to the website’s welcome bonuses like deposit matches to keep you playing for less.

Don’t Skimp on the Essentials

A modern travel kit requires tech equipment that you might only ever use while on the go. It can be tempting to get the most basic pieces that make us this kit, and while these can work for a while, reliability is the king of travel without worry.

One of the most common mistakes we see on this front is people buying a low-quality universal power adapter. Even the most luxurious travel destinations we’ve explored at Don’t Die Wondering will have the power connectors of their region, so you’ll always need one of these wherever you go. Low-quality adapters can do worse than just fail, they can damage your devices, not protect them in the case of a surge, or increase charge times dramatically.

Speaking of charge times, a common mistake travelers make is to purchase a cheap power bank thinking that capacity is all that matters. Low-quality banks can spend their entire charge refilling only part of a device, or fail to hold a charge over any length of time. Going for the best banks, like those covered on PC World will ensure your phone and other systems will never leave you stranded and without a way forward.

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One final little thing to remember, though not totally related to tech, is to sign into your bank or another online payment system like Apple Pay and inform them of where you’re traveling. Failing to do so can make the systems block international purchases for concern of theft. This process is usually very simple, so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

The one central takeaway we’re hoping to impart with this article is that the best solution to traveling tech woes is to plan well ahead. A failure to do so might end up putting you in harm’s way, or negatively affecting your mood. Be prepared, and you might never have to think about things going wrong, leaving you more time to enjoy travel done right.

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