Get Ahead Of The Crowd | The Best Men’s Headwear Styles For 2022
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Get Ahead Of The Crowd | The Best Men’s Headwear Styles For 2022

June 6, 2022 Share

Headwear is the ultimate accessory – from staple Gen-Z bucket hats to edgy balaclavas.

That 2010 fedora you impulse-bought during the Bruno Mars craze might be hidden deep inside your wardrobe. But mens’ hats are on the nail. They’re mettle. In fact, headwear has been booming for quite a while, and it’s not dying out anytime soon. 

Here’s a quick rundown…

Streets in front | Men’s hats for 2022-23

Bucket Hats

There’s nothing like a new generation to bring bucket hats back into fashion, and Gen-Z are certainly pulling the legwork when it comes to the fisher-men-type of headwear. Amongst some of the most loved options out there is Jaquemus’ ‘Le Bob Artichaut’ Bucket Hat – featured in a trendy neutral beige to keep you cool this summer. 

Bucket Hats | Photo courtesy of Goldie Williams

Crochet Hats

A more indie version of the bucket, the crochet hat is a hit amongst the artsier crowds – which often like to knit the hats themselves. Crochet hats have a certain flare, often showcasing colourful patterns, subscribing to the low-scale, hand-made direction that fashion has been steering towards. Not good with the crochet needle? Many high-end brands have been launching their own versions, like Céline has you covered with their appliquéd striped crochet-knit wool hat

Flat-brim hats | Photo Pinterest

Ear-Flap Hats

What once might have been deemed “ugly” has now, alas, become trendy. Ear-flap hats are not only great to add an edge to your outfits, but actually serve a purpose beyond being fashionable. And if wearing something that a couple of years back would have been deemed questionable worries you, let this nylon Prada take on the ear-flat-hat convince you otherwise. 


Balaclavas have been dominating female fashion for quite some time, but have started seeping into menswear too thanks to the likes of Drake, Ye and Vetements. Some of our favorites at DDW include: This Off-White padded balaclava, the knitted Dsquared2 color block or the Kanye West Donda black mask

Flat-Brim Hats

This one is hard – because you really want to make sure your hat doesn’t look like an old-fashioned fedora. But once in a blue moon, hats like Nick Fouquet’s patchwork fedora come up – with the right flat brim size, color and materials to make it 2022 appropriate. 


The ever-present classic Beret is having a bit of a comeback – perhaps because of all the Peaky Blinders craze of recent years, or perhaps because they elevate just about any outfit you can think of. We are particularly fond of Ganni’s crocheted beret, for all its Scandi glory, and for being on-trend with all the crocheting of 2022. 

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