Wild Thing: Kevin Bacon, the new Himbo star of TikTok
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Wild Thing: Kevin Bacon, the new Himbo star of TikTok

August 22, 2022 Share

From Wild Things to Footloose, Kevin Bacon has been stirring things up online with his newfound TikTok Himbo personality.

Known for his roles in some of recent decades’ most iconic and acclaimed films, Kevin Bacon has earned status as one of the most prolific popular actors in modern and contemporary cinema.

Whether he’s dancing the night away in Footloose (1984), giving an Oscar-contributing performance in A Few Good Men (1992) or just being himself in EE’s advertisements. Bacon has proved himself to be one of the few acting talents that has it all. Whether it’s hard-hitting drama, feel-good comedy or a cult classic, Bacon’s your man. 

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After accomplishing almost everything Hollywood, Independent cinema and TV has to offer. It would seem that Kevin Bacon has been keeping himself busy recently, with a very different type of artistic endeavour. That’s right. 

Believe it or not, Mr Bacon has been making waves, reinventing himself through one of Socials’ biggest apps TikTok

 Kevin Bacon
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Unlike the majority of modern influencers, who post content promoting fad diets, endorsements and the usual self-indulging narcissism. Kevin instead, has opted for a very different approach, with his content ultimately allowing fans to experience the real Bacon. No personas, no filter. Just 100% Kevin Bacon. And whilst it’s wildly absurd and unexpected, Bacon’s TikTok has become lighting in a bottle for many online. With many calling Bacon, TikTok’s latest Himbo. 

What’s a Himbo you ask? 

Well, Himbo is a modern phrase, made up from the combination of him and bimbo. With Himbo basically being the male version of bimbo. A man who is incredibly attractive but unfortunately lacks brains. 

 Kevin Bacon
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Now, whilst Bacon is 64 years of age. It’s evident that he isn’t your standard Himbo, instead, a silver fox Poundland version if you will. But it’s not the looks that has people falling in love with Kevin all over again. It’s the humility and genuine charm the actor holds. His content ultimately surprises fans by showing how normal he actually is. 

Initially turning to TikTok during the height of the COVID pandemic in the aid of providing heartwarming and refreshing content. Kevin’s TikTok exploded. Gaining attention worldwide, Bacon became inundated with Television interview spots, with many presenters curious as to where the idea came from.

Unlike many modern actors, Bacon is one of the few that decide to use their platform for positivity. Rather than promoting films and products, Bacon wants to use his platform and voice to entertain and help those who may be having a bad day, or just need a bit of lightheartedness in their life. 


This is a great track from #HarryStyles but I think I have some tips for him on jewelry. #GoatSongs #FarmLife

♬ original sound – Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon’s TikTok is a goldmine of positivity. Choosing to stay away from trends, Bacon and his family, create a large portion of the content on his farm in Connecticut. Here, viewers can see Bacon popping fresh corn and giving tutorials on how to make popcorn jewellery, singing covers of Tom Jones and Harry Styles to his baby goats. Or just see heartfelt interactions between Bacon, his daughter and wife. Kevin even has a new cooking show titled Cook With Bacon where fans can see all sorts of traditional and experimental culinary delights the crew cook daily in Connecticut. 


Family movie night? Date night? I know just what you need: Wok Pop. Worry about the cleanup after the movie 🍿🤣 #NaturesCereal alt? #FoodOnTikTok

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

The content has allowed fans to see Bacon for who he truly is, underneath the accolades and titles. Many fall in love, not only with his dad style and dad jokes but more so, with the relationship and values he shares with his family. 

 Kevin Bacon
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Outside of his traditional TikTok’s, Bacon has also used his platform to openly share positivity in light of certain societal crisis, such as Black Lives Matters, Trump’s Presidency and the COVID Pandemic. Underneath all of his societal and political monologues, Bacon’s values have always stayed the same. Love and Positivity above all.

Now, whilst die-hard fans of Bacon might be disappointed and instead wait eagerly for his next big screen performance, they’re just going to have to accept the new and improved Himbo version that seems to be here to stay. At least, we hope.

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