Raya: Your Guide To ‘The Soho House Of Dating Apps’
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Raya: Your Guide To ‘The Soho House Of Dating Apps’

June 25, 2021 Share

It’s the dating app with a very exclusive list of members.

Since launching in 2015, Raya has taken the online dating world by storm – and yet the app reported a userbase of just 10,000 as of late-2019. With such a small number of users when compared to apps such as Tinder and Bumble, you could be forgiven for believing that Raya just isn’t quite as popular as its more widely-used counterparts. However, this certainly isn’t the case. 

Raya, like social media app Clubhouse, isn’t open to everyone. It’s a place for those who live within the elite – the rich, the movers-and-shakers of society and those with friends in high places – to meet fellow singles who are accustomed to a similar lifestyle as their own. 

Whilst some may consider financial or social class to be a little taboo when it comes to making a list of traits desired in a potential new love interest, these factors do undoubtedly have an effect on compatibility. That’s where Raya comes in – to match those in high society with other like-minded individuals. 

So, how do you sign up – and who are you likely to meet? 

Can anyone join Raya?

Unsurprisingly, no. 

Anyone can apply for Raya, but it’s reported that around just 8% of all applicants are accepted onto the app. 

According to the Raya website, applicants are ‘assessed based on algorithmic values and input from hundreds of committee members spread throughout the world’, with the committee members themselves remaining anonymous to each other. 

As you can imagine, there’s a few things that those behind selecting new users are actively looking for in a successful applicant, including wealth, good looks, connections and a strong social media following. However, Raya insists that having millions in the bank and being easy on the eyes isn’t all you need in order to be accepted, stating that they’re also looking for new members who have ‘that something extra’. 

The aim when accepting new applicants is to strengthen the quality of intellectual conversations on the platform, with Raya representatives having previously mentioned their aim to create the ultimate ‘digital dinner party’ – a meeting of minds. Keeping this in mind, Raya says, ‘makes our community more diverse and dynamic’. 

As for things which are likely to get your application rejected, flaunting your wealth via social media and unapologetic social climbing are frowned upon by the Raya community – and even those who are accepted as members are asked to keep that in mind. 

Raya’s App Store listing describes their community values of ‘trust, respect and privacy’ and states that those who do not uphold these values whilst using the app will have their membership revoked. 

“We reserve the right to suspend or remove any membership that we feel no longer strengthens our community”, the website reaffirms. 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 09: Cara Delevingne attends the DKNY 30th anniversary party at St. Ann’s Warehouse on September 09, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/FilmMagic)

Who is on Raya?

As you can imagine, the exclusivity of Raya has made it the dating app of choice amongst those in the public eye. 

Channing Tatum, Cara Delevigne, John Mayer, Drew Barrymore, Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas and Trevor Noah have all been spotted on the app by Raya users over the years. 

Before his much-reported reunion with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck was also revealed to be a user of the app when a viral TikTok from a former match hit the headlines. TikTok user @nivinejay caught widespread attention after posting a video that Ben allegedly sent her after she unmatched him, believing his profile to be fake. 

Given that the Raya website specifically mentions looking for applications from those who work within the creative industry, we can imagine that these aren’t the only famous faces amongst its list of elite users. 

How do I apply for Raya?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make it onto the app, you’ll need to download the app and begin filling out your application. 

Once you start, you’ll be asked to provide your Instagram handle, which the anonymous selection committee will look over during the application process. As you can expect, your follower count will likely come into play here, though committee members are also likely to take into account the content that you post, as well as whether or not you have any current Raya members amongst your followers. 

Of course, if you do know a Raya user, you’ll need their assistance, too – Raya asks that all applications are supported by an existing member in order to further ensure that your acceptance onto the site will enrich the Raya community. 

Don’t count on having your application accepted right away – due to the multi-faceted selection process, applying to Raya can take anything from a few days to several months. Those who are not accepted will likely never receive a formal rejection, whilst those who are lucky enough to make it into this exclusive online circle will be asked to pay a monthly membership fee of $7.99. 

So, if you’re looking for love and think you’d be a good fit for the platform, why not download the app and start your application today?

For more information, head to the Raya website.

Author: Betsy Barker