Who is Morgan Riddle, the Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis?
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Who is Morgan Riddle, the Most Famous Woman in Men’s Tennis?

September 10, 2023 Share

Morgan Riddle. 194,000 followers on Instagram, articles on Tatler and a rather enviable closet. Who on earth is is this woman?

The world of tennis is one that is ganging a lot of traction these days. From the surprising rise of Carlos Alcaraz at such a young age, to the retirement of some of the world’s greatest, there is an undeniable shift in the characters shaping and making in the world of tenis. Part of the new cast, per say, is Taylor Fritz, a 25 year old tennis player who has quickly climbed the ladder and now ranks number 9 in the entire world. And by his side, stands Morgan Riddle.

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Although she might have jumped into the sports spotlight thanks to Fritz, Riddle has always been very successful on socials. And it is precisely this success which she is using to help shine a light into the intricacies of modern tennis. In a video which has since been deleted, she was featured saying she was making it her personal mission to “make tennis cool again”, and bring it into the sphere of younger generations.

One of such initiatives was taking part on Wimbledon Threads, a partnership where Riddle was a broadcaster directing and discussing the tournament’s fashion. Its not just that, she’s also part of the tennis girlfriends on tour crowd, the partners of tennis players which travel around with the world with the players as they hop from tournament to tournament. During her stay in London for Queens, the smaller tournament just before the ever-famous Wimbledon, Morgan Riddle found herself fond of Notting Hill and the nearby area.

Image courtesy of @moorrgs

As Morgan Riddle continues to use her social media influence to shed light on the world of tennis and make it more accessible and engaging for younger generations, she remains a captivating figure in the evolving landscape of sports, fashion, and entertainment. With her passion and dedication, she is helping to shape the future of tennis and inspire a new generation of fans and enthusiasts.

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