Slice Of Paradise — Renting Your Own Caribbean Private Island
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Slice Of Paradise — Renting Your Own Caribbean Private Island

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When you step off your jet with the knowledge that everything you can see is exclusively yours — you won’t regret renting your own private island in the Caribbean.

The next step in luxury, renting your slice of paradise offers unparalleled seclusion that cannot be found in vacationing another way.

Although private island rentals can be found around the world, one of the best bets is to head to the Caribbean. Here are DDW’s favourite private island rentals.  

Private Island getaways offer a unique and serene holiday. Pictured: Pool at sunset on an island in the Bahamas.
Private Island getaways offer a unique and serene holiday. Credit: Alix Greenman

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson is known for his love of nature and his passion for ocean conservation.

It is, therefore, no surprise that his slice of paradise has become a refuge for all sorts of flora and fauna. While staying on Necker Island guests will see Madagascan lemurs, giant tortoises and even flamingos.

Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson's private island, seen from the air.
Necker Island is surrounded by coral reefs. Credit: Kevin Wolf

Located in the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island can host up to 30 guests in the island’s luxury Balinese style accommodation. Trained staff cater to your every whim, whether that be dining on the beach or eating at a floating sushi bar in the lavish pool.

With state-of-the-art equipment, guests can explore the surrounding turquoise waters by snorkelling or kayaking — there is even an aero submarine called the Necker Nymph.

Nightly rates start at $105,000 and include all food and drinks as well as access to all of the island’s amenities.  You can travel to Necker Island via private jet, helicopter or superyacht.

Over Yonder cay, a private island, is home to incredible marine life. Pictured: A turtle in the sea.
Necker Island is home to incredible marine life. Credit: Cedric Frixon

Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas

Over Yonder Cay in the Bahamas, just 200-miles from the US mainland is known as one of the world’s top private island destinations. Not only is the 72-acre island incredibly serene, but the island’s owners have also made sure that the island is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One of the main attractions is the relatively untouched flora and fauna which can be explored through a quiet hike or bicycle tour around the island.

The island houses four properties to choose from and all meals are catered for by specially trained chefs using organic and sustainable produce.

The island can be reached by seaplane or yacht from Nassau or Great Exuma and the marina can hold a yacht of up to 180 feet if you feel like sailing in on your own boat.

Rates for 12-guests start at $51,000 per night.

A jungle on a Caribbean Island.
Guests can explore an untouched wilderness on Over Yonder Cay. Credit: Kenrick Baksh

Calivigny Island, Grenada

Calivigny Island in Grenada is one of the most exclusive and exquisite vacation destinations in the world. An emerald gem in a sea of deep blue, this island of more than 80 tropical acres is the epitome of peace and beauty.

The main beach house here holds ten lavish bedrooms decorated in the style of a French Chateaux, while the exterior keeps with a Balinese style décor. Its lavish living area will be the main gathering point for guests on the island.

Whether you want to laze the days away or a bit of adventure this island has something for everyone.  

Home to six pristine white-sand beaches, guests can partake in a myriad of watersports including jet skiing, wakeboarding, sailing and fishing. Otherwise, explore on foot to connect with the natural beauty and serenity of the island.

A beach in the Bahamas.
Credit: iSaw Company

Much of the food served on Calivigny Island is grown on-site in the island’s greenhouses and gardens — ensuring guests will have the freshest food possible.

A private butler and chefs cater to every whim.

The island has 25 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 50 people, rates are available upon request. A short ride from mainland Grenada, it is easily accessible by boat.

Whether you are renting your slice of paradise for a wedding, family reunion or just to get away from it all — let’s be honest, you deserve it — once you rent your private island, vacationing will never be the same.

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